Home office help!
March 22, 2013
I've got a home office/family room combo. I like to be on the computer while watching TV and my laptop's battery is pretty NIL. I don't have any other rooms in the house for my office, so it's pretty much here. My issue is STORAGE. I've got a little 2 hole cubby behind my desk on the floor, and my washstand has my printer and winter hats/gloves & blankets in it. It's super cluttered but I need more storage for other desk items. I'm considering replacing the chair with a white one without arms, or maybe an aluminum one for contrast - What do you all think?
Also, I know IKEA has a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit that I'm considering, and it will have to replace both the wash stand and the little cubby due to space constraints. I'd probably replace it with a coathook on the wall and more shelving. Since the office is open to the rest of the room, the storage solution and the chair need to look good. I plan on taking the vintage med. cabinet down and replacing it with a letter holder/ chalkboard/key holder that I've got. Thoughts??
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I think there's more office furniture these days that can "close up" when it's not being used .. like an armoire, so it wouldn't detract from your living space.

Also search on "home office" and "home office furniture" here, and you may find just the right piece for storage.
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WorkSpaces Inc.
You are pretty snug in that office arrangement! Much could be done without spending money to have a less cluttered look (e.g., different colors, fewer patterns). For storage, use your vertical space. A smaller chair would help. Purchase as much quality as you can! We see a lot of people who bought cheap furniture that fell apart and now they come to us for something that will last.
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Unfortunately, the desk has to stay - it's an antique I can't bear to part with! I'm kind of thinking about this type of vertical shelving. Not sure if a regular bookshelf would work or look too closed or if I should do just a lot of shelves grouped together...
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A Crew of Two
You don't say what your budget is, but this is from amazon.com $600
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WorkSpaces Inc.
tsj4 - your antique desk is delightful. Sounds like you'd be happier with closed storage on the bottom (to hide things) and open on top (for a more spacious look). Keep it simple and try to match, or blend with) the desk color for consistency.

- Wendy
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Absolutely! I love that idea, Wendy! Should I go with a smaller chair in metal or painted white for a bit of pop? Or stay with wood?
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WorkSpaces Inc.
A good chair is important for comfort and ergonomics, but not sure what your budget is. Look for one that has some adjustments if you can. Either white or the same wood color will work - mixing wood colors may not. How attached are you to the pink lamp and curtain? They really draw the eye and if you change them to a subtler color the room should look more cohesive.
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The pink is actually the accent color for the three open rooms, so that's why those are there. I've got the same color splashed around the room too, you just can't see it :)
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