Seriously Freaking Out---Need Quickest Advice!!!!
deebee123March 22, 2013
Our house was a spec home we bought 4 years ago and got to pick some of the final finishes, like the carpet, cabinets, etc. The builders' grade carpet was crappy, so we upgraded. It cost us $2000 and I still thought it was not such good carpet, but it was sort of like "this is your choice". We got a light color called "rice paper" because the house is pretty dark as it is surrounded by trees. I am a very good, almost anal housekeeper---I don't like a lot of accessories and such, and the less you have, the tidier you have to keep what you do have. I don't let anyone where street shoes in my house and I have a towel by the door to wipe the dog's feet. I vacuum several times a week and just as Stanley Steemer said, had them out 2x a year. In front of our couch, we placed an area rug and on top of that a massive and very heavy coffee table. Too heavy to easily move, so for the past four years, I usually just flipped back the edge of the rug and vacuumed. We never had it moved to clean because it take three strong guys to budge the coffee table (I said it was heavy!) So hubby got job up North and we are moving. Selling everything. Sold coffee table and they picked it up last night. So I pulled up the area rug and this picture is what I found. The carpet that was NOT under the area rug is all dingy and grayish despite vacuuming and cleaning. I have attached a picture. I am freaking out. I look like a bad housekeeper, but I am NOT! It's this stupid carpet! I don't know what to do. I do not think even professionals can fix this, because they have been regularly cleaning the main part of the carpet and it is dingy. Hubby says don't worry about it, he is mad at the buyers because they have nickeled and dimed us on every aspect of the house sell and been general pains in the butts. They got the house for much less than what we paid. But I know how I would feel if I bought a house and came into this. Hubby says tuff, they did massive inspections and if one of their twenty inspectors did not catch this... I don't know what to do. Should I call the buyers and tell them? Should I insist we offer money to help pay for new carpet? But hubby says they will probably want us to pay for all new carpet thru the downstairs so it all matches. What would you do in this situation? We close in a week, I feel like I have got to do something!
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Dirt Digger
I would suspect that the problem was caused by Stanley Steamer, not the carpet itself. Almost all carpet cleaners use soap in their steamers to "clean" with and unfortunately, that very soap actually attracts dirt! Even with great housekeeping and no shoes there is always stuff on your feet, socks, clothes, and in the air that gets trapped in the carpet. If I were you, I would look to see if there is a Zerorez carpet cleaning in your area. If there is, call them. They ONLY use water and therefore don't leave soap residue in the carpet. They do a wonderful job of actually cleaning the carpet.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Dirt Digger is right on. For a few hundred, you can save the sale by using a professional carpet cleaning service. I agree with the steam cleaner being part of the problem, and the "lightness" of the carpet being the other. This type of thing is common in all carpets but a light carpet shows it the most.

Bring in a professional team and get their opinion. The best news is you don't have any "stains" to treat. A situation like this is easy for them to work with.
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The closest Zerorez is in Atlanta---I don't think they will travel this far. But it sounds like a cool process---"empowered water"!!! But in regards to your advice, it might be soap residue and if I can reduce that.... I am going to rent a steam carpet cleaner and try to make it better with lots of hot water and elbow grease. Thanks for your advice! :) At least I can tell the buyers I tried!
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No! Do not rent a steam cleaner from a grocery store or home improvement store. They cause more problems than they solve. Have a pro come out and use plain steam (no soap).
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You can call a local restoration company, the same ones that clean up after a fire or flood. They should be able to fix this carpet problem for you.
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