When showing a home to potencial buyers, what space they see mostly?
March 22, 2013
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Ironwood Builders
EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! They look in your closets, in your cabinets, in your basement and garage....I've seen them look under the bed! I've done home inspections and remodeling consults as part of the conditions attached to the sale of a home, so touring a house for sale is part of my line of work. So. bottom line is, when prepping your house for sale, leave nothing untouched!
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Jane Antonacci Interior Design
Items that cell homes: Kitchens and closets. Have a great kitchen and plenty of closets and buyers are halfway sold.
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They only see about 1/3 of the house as they get distracted but they will look everywhere. Once when I had not had time to finish a repair on my ceiling but needed to open the house to a tour of my office, 44 agents walked by a hole in the ceiling and not one noticed because I had hung a Japanese print featuring a tasteful bare breasted woman.

So with good staging one can lead a buyer's eyes somewhat.
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Ironwood Builders
Ahh! Lizbeth goes for prestidigitation!
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What's the link for? Is your post a question or a statement?
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Lisa Carlisle
Buyers' strongest experience is the first ten seconds upon entry. They are sold or turned off right there. They usually proceed to the kitchen where they assemble the lists of what they love and what they will negotiate the price with. It is incredibly important to present clean, clear, and updated in this route.
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Starting from the curb, at the front door, first 10 seconds inside the house. You have to grab them and hold them. From there, buyers will look at EVERYTHING. Take nothing for granted. You may have an amazing kitchen or master bath but if there is a strange smell or something similar, all bets could be off.
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Thank you all for your sugestions. Actually, Calikym this is a question. After briefly reading the article, we can be curious how the house showroom process, and somehow how customers react to stimulation of decoration, color, architecture as well as show interest in knowing whether they were made improvements. Lizabeth it was a trick worthy of magician. Did you achieved the gold?
We can say that eye contact has to be fast and accurate in the eyes of the buyer.
What kind of spaces, in your opinion, think is the hardest to sell, according to this perspective of view?
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Yes that house sold within a month for 99% of list price. The link speaks to onine marketing, and how buyers use online search tools to figure out what houses that want to set an appointment to visit in person. The photos onine must grab the viewer and generally the first photo is an exterior so street appeal is huge. A house without a good exterior elevation is the hardest to sell even if the interior is fabulous because it is so difficult.to get buyers inside. Steep driveways will turn off most buyers, and homes on busy streets will also cause buyers to not even enter the house. If one has a steep driveway or busy street, house has to be extra charming to pull them inside.

On an opposite note, an investor does best when searching for a home with bad photos as few buyers will be writing offers on it.
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