Larger Master Bathroom or Larger Master Closet?
March 22, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My family is trying to expend a tiny master bathroom (4'x 7') and closet in a 1950's ranch style home. Most of the criteria are set for us, like where the plumbing wall is, the window is going to be, and the available SF.

We've came up with these 4 possible plans, which one would you choose? (or would you do something different?)

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Option 3 as is is best of these options but it is not ideal. The small closet is questionably useful. Consider instead Option 2 Alternative 1.

Option 2 IF you took another 1' depth all along the closet width and did some special built ins at both ends / some double hanging / built ins under some full height rail. This leaves you 12 x 5 in bath - probably has the most flexibility for the room and the bath. Move the door to the face of the closet not the back. The longer a counter you can get into your master, the more you can get two sinks, which often is the tabula rasa of a "great master bath." A 5 x 3 shower at the end, 6' of counter/sinks/storage and 3' of toilet area will feel large and the closet with this extra foot of depth and built ins will feel luxe too.

Good to ask now, because kitchens and baths sell houses and your resale value can depend on these elements.
March 22, 2013 at 8:50pm     
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I agree - option 3 looks the best !!
March 23, 2013 at 2:02am   
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Also agree with option 3 or 4
March 23, 2013 at 5:38am   
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First, it would be a lot easier to help, if you could post the various dimensions for each layout bc it's very difficult to read the numbers off of the plans. Second, while Option 1 is not a good layout, it really depends on your priorities regarding the other 3. I would do option 3 with the stated modifications---
Option 1 is not good bc you're wasting valuable space on extra walls and doors for 2 small closets.
Option 2 is good if you really want a double vanity. Looks like you will still have at about a 9 foot expanse of closet, which if well/custom organized is really a lot of space. If you do as libra... suggested and add a foot to your closet depth you are at the minimum width for your bathroom. As you need 3' between your vanity and any other fixtures/walls or else it's unacceptably tight (read you will hurt the value of your house).
In Option 3, I would turn the small closet into a wall bc you are simply wasting square footage on a small closet that would be more valuable if the square footage was used in the bathroom. if you turn the small closet into a wall, looks like you would have room for a double vanity without it feeling tight. Once again with custom closets, you could get tons of utility out of the main closet. The main issue with Option 3 is figuring out how to do the doors without having them bang into each other. You could have your bedroom door swing open to the left but this would be awkward bc you would be squeezed between the door and the closet when you entered the bedroom. Maybe you could run a pocket door(s) for both your closet and bathroom (make the closet and bathroom entrances flush along the same wall). This way no closet door is swinging into your bedroom door. The other option would be to enter the closet through the bathroom and not have a door to the closet from the bedroom side.
In Option 4, although I can't read the measurements, I think you are making your closet too big at the expense of your bathroom. A custom designed closet will maximize your space, so it doesn't need to be as big, especially in your case where you have limited square footage.

Remember bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. And life is unpredictable so even if this is your forever home you may find yourself having to move, so it's always good to consider resale when remodeling. That's why I would think Option 3 is better than Option 2. People seem to value walk in closets more than regular closets. Otherwise either Option 2 (w or w/o the add'l foot added to the closet depth) or Option 3 (w/ the aforementioned modifications) would work well.
March 23, 2013 at 5:50am     
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Thank you all for your valuable insights. We've decided to go with the consensus and pick option 3, with the recommendation of absorbing the small closet into the bathroom space. Thank you all for sharing your design talents.

March 25, 2013 at 1:28am     
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