Trying to tie in this section of backyard to rest any ideas?
marcolili1485March 22, 2013
Well I'm trying to do something here where the grass is but I can't really generate anything in my head. I have a lot of river rock and mulch is relatively easy to come by as well as tropical plants, which is what I've got going on I guess..slowly but surely. Any ideas how to tie in this piece to the rest of the yard? BTW that pile of round rocks in the existing yard is actually a bubbler style fountain..
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Here's another angle
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You are certainly off to a great start! I am posting some pictures, perhaps you will get some inspiration from them..... I know your spaces are smaller, but you could perhaps do a smaller sitting area or a smal shallow pond that your pets could also enjoy and a grouping of tropical trees with a few plants in different places.
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Beautiful space so far. You need height against the fence. Mimic what you have on the other side. It does not matter that you do not have the raised planters. I suggest a few more tropical plams, like the ones on the other side of your yard. In front of those, I would either keep the grass or mix low growing plants with the rocks and gravel that meander through the space. You could add some seating, with either a bench or 2 chairs and a side table. Maybe you could find a really big bolder to use as a seat or side table.
I would also put a row of tall plants in front of the shed to hide it. Or at least but a bushy tropical large plant in the corner (near the fence and the shed - by the blue boxes). This will draw your eye to the beautiful plant and not the shed.
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Robin W
Somewhere for the dogs to relieve themselves so they don't kill your gorgeous grass?
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I agree with mishbooth. You need to plant out that fence and shed in an L shaped garden in a similar style to the other side. Or maybe try a vertical garden bed against the fence if you are feeling adventurous. I think you need to decide what you want to use this space for. You could nestle a covered daybed in this new corner and use it for quiet reading, which would suit the rest of your Bali style garden.
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I meant to mention you will want to pressure wash and paint/stain the fence so it doesn't detract from all your hard work! Here is another image of a doggie area... You could put down a landscape barrier (to keep weeds away) and use rocks for their potty area, easy to pick up and hose down ;-)
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Thanx for the advice everyone!! I guess my problem is that I don't know what plant is which and/or its growth limits..I made the same mistake on the back side of my house..the shorter ones ended up on the back instead of the mid section, but nevertheless I think it looks dogs are my biggest enemy..anyhow I'm thinking of clipping/pruning these and planting them over on that section maybe to cover the shed. The shed, btw, is only there temporarily cause that concrete pad was poured for a hot tub and gazebo soon to come. Thanx for the comments and keep them coming. Also in the mid section where there's grass and queen palms I have to take the retaining wall down because the giant birds are knocking it down slowly..anyone know how hard that is to do, then build a retaining wall on top of that? Thanx in advanced everybody!!
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