Wrapped canvas
Sharnay StaleyMarch 23, 2013
Ok this was my first time doing wrapped canvas. This is the pattern I have come up with for the wall. There will be another piece for the top and they still have to be straightened. Any suggestions?
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It's a Beautiful World!
I am not sure what you are trying to acheive by hanging small canvases in a circle. Perhaps, your display may work with the rest of your decor, but it's hard to say from this one picture... Raisa
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This is not something that I would do in my home, but if you like it, then go for it.
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Sharnay Staley
Can u give me some suggestions then. I have a blank wall and I an trying to get different ideas for it
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I applaud you on your creativity Sharnay! I just wish that the one in the center had been larger, and rectangular. Any possibility of making another one? And then, turn the other small ones to line the sides, straight on, not turned. Purhaps you could add another detail onto the small ones as well to make them more decorative. For example, you could use them to act as mats for photos or cut out the flowers from the fabric and adhere to the small frames as art. I think this could work with a little tweaking.
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to be honest it's just not working for me. i'd lose the smalls. the colors in the center print are fine i just don't care for the flowers. but if you like it, her's a thought : find some rough old boards, like a section of discarded old privacy fence. stain it deep black. it should be quite a bit larger than the center canvas and could be rectangular or square. mount the canvas to it so the black becomes an interesting background. try it off center 1st. you may prefer a more balanced approach.
the idea is to make it more interesting and i don't think enlarging the floral image would accomplish that.
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I'm not a fan of the circular pattern but I love stretched canvas art. Can you provide instructions?
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No, no, no. Leave the center an snugly put the others on top or both sides. Try that
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Sharnay Staley
Thanks everyone for your feedback @handy I can redo it to a longer frame and I love the idea of adding something to the smaller one. I did play around with it last night and decided against the tilted smaller ones here is a picture. Keep in mind I did this before I received everyone's suggestions. I do see where I can modifications
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how about 2 or 2 sets of 2 (4) on each side of the flower print, snug, with random blocks of color on each side (not matchy match) so that it make a strong horizontal unified statement?
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Your wall needs some interest behind the art. Create some large moldings on the wall, paint the interior space a bright complementary color, and hang all the canvases within this space to create an even bigger focal point. Right now it seems very cluttery with no relationship. Think about making a triptych of large canvases, add two more, and it should improve the balance too. Create some additional interest with additional canvas in different sized forms. Create islands of art inside large outlines of moldings spaced along the wall. Good luck.
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