Need a little bachelor pad help

Mike ConroyMarch 24, 2013
So I just moved into a new apartment and I'm trying to decide what do with my bedroom.

I came across this picture (attached) and I'm thinking I'm going to try and use those colors partially because the dark brown wall looks to be very close to the existing color of my doors which I'm not really trying to paint.

My initial thought was because my furniture is white I'd probably invert the colors and have the brown behind the headboard and lighter color on the side wall so the white contrasts more against the dark color.

So i guess my main questions are these...(although I am definitely open to any suggestions)...

1) Should I only paint the wall behind the head board the dark color or should I also paint the opposing wall that color (the TV will eventually be wall mounted on that wall)?

2) What color or colors should the bed linens and curtains be?

3) What should I do about the trim, I think leaving it white wouldn't look right around the doors...should I paint all the trim dark brown? or do you think I could just paint the trim surrounding the doors and leave the bottom white.

Much thanks for any suggestions!
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I would leave the trim around the doors white and paint the walls a taupe or warm grey. Pittsburgh paints moth gray and greystone are nice (first is more coffee color second more a true grey).
For bedding I always like white maybe with a black border.
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Pic for ideas
Contemporary Bedroom · More Info
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Bedding idea
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Hi, Mike,

Attaching this because a pix is worth….I like the 3 walls to match the headboard.
Beverly Hills Family Dwelling · More Info
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Lisa Carlisle
I agree white trim does not work in this space. Deff the deep color at the headboard wall, the trim the mid color and remaining walls the lighter of the three. Nice place!!
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Leave all the trim white, it's beautiful and adds dimension. Next choose between a tan or grey scheme. If grey, paint the walls (all) a medium grey and leave the bedding white with pops of golden yellow in pillows or an accent chair. If you prefer browns over greys, as I do, paint the walls a taupe color and use khaki bedding then add golds, orange, terra cotta colors as accents. Your white furniture will pop. Use heavy textures on your bedding where you can. Tweeds, linens, etc.
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Mike Conroy
Thanks for the suggestions!

I originally was going to do a grey but I really wanted something kind of on the dark side (probably should have mentioned that originally) and I think to do grey it has to be kind of light.

I was leaning toward white bedding, I thought maybe brown sheets and a white duvet with a boarder like suggested but I've tried that before and finding the right shade in sheets is sometimes difficult to me and involves multiples returns to whatever store I bought them at lol....but all white would certainly be easier.....should the curtains be white as well?

I never thought about adding a third color for the trim as Lisa suggested but I think that would probably look best, I'm fairly amateur at this, how should I select that color...just pick out the dark and light for the walls and try for something in the middle? Or is there a method to it?
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Jayme H.
This color is Fairview Taupe by Benjamin Moore
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Lisa Carlisle
Your place looks like a Reston, VA condo I just finished color design for. I used "Olivewood" from Home Depot on the trim. Worked well with the deep accent and the lighter walls.
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