Need some ideas to decorate a large living room wall
March 25, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am having trouble deciding how to decorate the main wall in my living room. The walls are medium beige ( the color can not be changed), almost the same color as my sofas. The two slipper chairs are recently acquired and will be slip covered in a deeper colored fabric. The furniture placement will remain the same as it is in the photo, however the room needs a little something to finish it off nicely. The wall behind the sofa is about 12 - 15 feet wide and about 10 feet high. I like the idea of shelving with some smaller frames etc on it, but the room and furniture is so large, I am afraid it will seem out of place. I was thinking of placing a small tree and lighting of some sort in the corner between the sofa and window. Also open to suggestions as to color/print of new material for chairs. I like the existing wall art , but it does not have to stay. My style in general is a mix of country/traditional (with a bit of western thrown in for this room). I am a fan of neutral, but feels like I am getting lost in beige in this room. Ideas much appreciated!
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I have a few suggestions, maybe not exactly what you asked for but thought it might help your room. I like your furniture, large windows and color scheme. I think you room has a problem with scale. Your room is large and your sofa and chairs are a good size for it, but all your end tables and lamps are way to small for the furniture. Your area rug which has great colors for the room is also too small for the room. Your couch and love seat should have at the very least the front feet on the carpet. I like the picture behind the couch and think it would look even better above the fireplace. I know you said the furniture placement stays but I think your room is screaming for a large wall unit/ bookcase of some sort on the wall where the couch is now. I would then put the couch where the loveseat is and put the couch in front of the window. Then put the new chairs on each end of a smaller wall unit
or in front of a larger unit on each end. Having a wall unit will give this wall purpose, create a focal point, balance out the long narrow open area in the middle of the room. Having the larger couch in front of the window will allow you to enjoy the fireplace and create a better conversation area. Just my thoughts.
March 25, 2013 at 7:39pm     
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Agree with lastplace about the issue of scale in terms of suggestions. In terms of scale, I think the art over your sofa would work better over the fireplace as well. I do think you could use more color in the room. I would consider looking for larger art over the sofa that you like that has more color in it. As lastplace mentioned, believe your area rug is too small for the area and think that would be a good place to bring more color into the room as well, perhaps taken from any art you like that adds color. From those colors, I would bring in a color for the fabric for the slipper chairs and also pillows for the sofas. Like your idea about the tree in the corner. Other things that would add to the room would be a coffee table and floor to ceiling drapes on the windows, which could add color and softness to that wall. Really like your choices with the sofas and chairs and do like your art as well.
March 25, 2013 at 8:17pm   
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It's a Beautiful World!
As others mentioned, you have plenty of room above your sofa for a larger piece of art, or a set of 2/3 pieces. If you are looking for color inspiration, please check out our Houzz page. Enjoy!... Raisa
March 26, 2013 at 1:19am   
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Well some very nice tips have been shared! And I think, we can also hang up some pictures and mirrors on the walls . We can also hang an electric collection of silver trays to serve as eye-catching ornaments. Depth look can be given to room by mixing materials and textures.
March 26, 2013 at 2:19am   
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I agree with lastplace. Your sofas are a good size, but your tables and lamps are just too small.
Your furniture and art choices are very safe. You could add more structure, another colour that will add some excitement... And when you look for art, let your first thought not be: 'will it match my sofas and rug', but 'oooohhh, I lóve this!' ;-)
Adding a coffee table or a large Ottoman will be a good idea. Considering the rug... since you have wall to wall carpet a rug isn't really necessary. At least not for comfort. But perhaps it is a rug that has sentimental value? The rug does help to get away from all the beige, so that is its main function here. In this instance I'm not so sure that the front feet of your chairs and sofa's have to be on the rug.
March 26, 2013 at 2:52am   
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A floor lamp in the corner windows/couch will add a vertical line to that part of the room which is now all a bit horizontally lined. Just some ideas for you (I haven't checked sizes of the lamps though, I know the Pottery Barn table lamps are large, but not sure about the other one. I just liked the idea of the wooden base):

Stax Floor Lamp
Lucy Collection Floor Lamp
Serena Antique Mercury Glass Lamp Bases
StyleCraft Natural Wood Table Lamp
March 26, 2013 at 3:34am   
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if you want to stay monochromatic in your color scheme bring in texture to create interest. I agree that the scale of the table and lamp is too small. Love the idea of bringing silver into the room as in the lamb bases. Why do you say that the furniture arrangement will stay the same? I agree some rearrangement would help. Perhaps putting the sofas at right angles of each other and the chairs opposite one of the sofas. Tie the sofas together with similar pillows rich in textural interest. Also agree with the addition of a wall unit book case. The art above the sofa is lonely - needs some friends - more large art beside it to balance the space!
May 30, 2014 at 8:02am   
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