PLEASE: I need suggestions for my disjointed great room!
March 25, 2013
We recently moved into a new house where we had pre-selected finishings through the builder and purchased some furnishings prior to moving in based on what we imagined these finishings would end up looking like ... Well, things aren't working so well together in the great room, which is an open space shared with the kitchen. We have SW Kilim Beige on the walls (which I like in some rooms in our house, but it reads either too yellow or too pink in the great room depending on the time of day). We also have espresso-colored wood floors and cabinets (media and kitchen), a grayish stone fireplace (which seems to have some violet and rust tones?). Our couch is Pottery Barn's Pearce sectional in Everyday Suede-Light Wheat. Our area rug is Pottery Barn's Brandon rug. Our pillows are also from PB and are Blue Smoke. We're waiting on a dark brown leather chair and still need to get coffee/side tables and lamps. Still deciding on accessories for the walls on either side of the fireplace, too.

I think the main problem is that the fireplace stone is not working with anything else and the Kilim Beige paint is not helping matters. The wall/shelf space above each media cabinet is also awkward. Do you think there's any hope of making things work via a paint color change (maybe a grayish-brown/taupe?) that would work better with the stone, but still work with the rug/couch and kitchen? I'm desperately trying to figure something out short of trying to return the rug, etc. I'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions for making this space work. Pictures of the great room as well as the connected kitchen/granite/backsplash are included. THANKS!
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I think gray wont go with your kitchen how about a color from the same family but less yellow more of light mocha or even taupe and your furniture go with every thing you did good job
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I forgot to say there is nothing wrong with the color but if you don't feel it then that's different
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I would consider a gray with warm tones or even a blue gray.
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You can paint stone fireplaces, the white of the kitchen island might might work if you brought in a similar shade with a coffee table and accessories. Not sure if the rug would work as well then, but it is something to consider.
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Susan Merry
How about taking a contrast color(not the blue in pillows) from your rug and painting back wall on either side of fireplace. Or you could mirror those two.
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Lynn Horton
The rug is lovely. Surprised you did not use shelves on each side of stone fireplace? Still could do and use that deep rust or ochre from the rug as contrast paint behind shelving. I think the tiny mirrors are a problem easily solved with shelves and color.
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You could try Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray. It's more of a taupe that blends well with grays, beiges and browns. I used it for my kitchen and I love it. It ties together the travertine backsplash, slate colored porcelain tile floor and SS appliances.
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I also recommend Edgecomb gray -beautiful Greigey color that i used for my living room. I love it and it works well with gray or beige family of colors
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wallpaper the built ins with a shiney metalic or blue- the back wall only. put some white birch logs in your firreplace to brighten it up a bit. sponge paint over your excisting walls just to change the look a bit. your room looks nice as it is and kilm beige is one of my favorites. its pickiing up some of your colors
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I would paint all three walls a smokey grey blue or if you prefer that paprika/ red in the rug to get some contrast between your sofa and the walls (pick a complimentary shade- not the exact one in your rug- go definitely blue than that). Paint is for sure the cheapest option here to makeover this room, but Iwould never do any faux finishes. You have picked really nice things but the walls and sofa are too close to the same color and they seem to be fighting one another rather than complimenting each other. I would lose both the mirrors and put an additional shelf under the current one and accessorize with things that have a bit of sparkle or shine to add a little visual interest. Are you familiar with mercury glass? A few pieces of that would add an additional design element and go with the warm, contemporary rustic theme you have going. Those shelves should be pretty filled as well. There's a great tutorial on the 'centsational girl' blog on how to style shelves. Check it out :). This is silly but I would also pull the rug back further under your sofa to give more breathing room between the fireplace and rug- I like a "floor border" of 18-24" for contrast. Your floors are gorgeous btw. Your fireplace is great I would absolutely leave it alone you'll like it better with the paint. I would add a wood and glass cocktail table to lighten up the room and keep the visual space and some simple curtain panels, perhaps in a cocoa brown. Restoration and PB both have some gorgeous ones in silk that will add a little glam luxury to your room. You could style your hearth with a chunky wicker basket (check out crate and barrel's) and some cut birch logs. It's a pretty addition even if you have a gas fireplace. Good luck! I'm a designer btw and I never comment on these but it made me a sad to see that you obviously spent so much time and money and you weren't happy with it. It just needs a little photo styling- you've done a fab job!
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The grey blue will look awesome in your kitchen as well! Post pics when you're done
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That is a beautiful rug. I love it.

Which way is your room facing? The colour of the light that comes into your room has a significant effect on the paint colour. As you've noticed.
I think that Edgecomb Gray, as others have suggested, will probably work well, but first do a tester, using a large white board (poster board) and paint it from edge to edge, place it against the different walls and look at it in different lights (different times of the day).

I'd consider adding another shelve between the units and the top shelves. You can also paint the niches in a darker colour. It would be wonderful if you could add lights in the top of the niche and under the shelves.

I'd add a couple of darker coloured cushions to the couch (brown?) and/or have a bolder pattern. These light blue ones are lovely, but a bit too non-existent (for want of a better description ;-)).

Good luck. It's a lovely room, light and a great size. I'm sure you'll bring it together.
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I think you need some darker pillows on your sofa.Pick out some colors from your beautiful rug.
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Thanks so much for all the great suggestions! You've definitely given me some good starting points in terms of trying to fix this space ... I hadn't thought using BM Edgecomb Gray, but I love that color (we had it in our previous home) so I'll pick up a sample pot to see how it looks. I'm also going to ask our builder about getting another shelf for each wall beside the fireplace ... And, I'm going to try moving the rug back from the fireplace a bit and mixing in some darker pillows. Thanks again!
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Mae Williams
Look at your kitchen then look at the rug you have. Take color out of the rug that you can tie into kitchen as your accent color. Take a 2nd color from rug and make that the main color in your great room. Remove those shelves in the cubby nook. They are too dark and heavy. Paint the wall inside of that space a 3rd color from the rug. Add a tall mirror, a accent light above, and a 2 glass shelves for your display. I think your biggest expense may be the mirror and glass shelving. get good stuff. Cheap mirror get hazy. good luck
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