Need help about look/cost of Fiber Cement Shingle Siding

hughcallieMarch 26, 2013
I am looking into fiber cement shingle siding as an alternative to cedar shakes and am very confused by the options. Any insights as to brands, quality, cost, satisfaction would be greatly appreciated.
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Ironwood Builders
I'm sorry, what's so confusing? The materials are pretty much the same, as much as the manufacturers will tell you different. Pre-stained or colored products are fine, if they never get touched after installation...otherwise they show wear through. I prefer Nichiha and Hardishake painted in place. There are cheaper materials out there...but if I have good results with a product, I usually stick with it.
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Thanks for the comments. Re "confusing" - There aren't any vendors with samples to see/compare. So... I am looking for insights from people who have worked with them. I am looking for two things. A product that looks real when standing next to it (not as seen from the road). And understanding pros/cons of synthetic vs natural - cost of materials; cost to install; cost to paint/maintain.
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Rockin' Fine Finish
Natural wood when stained will have a hire maintainence cost over its life its more about your likes hardie shakes or cement shakes or synthetics will never look natural enough up close. If you are worried about cost of maintaining exterior products over its life go with hardie shakes it will cost less long term. installing hardie is alot cheaper than real wood at least here in the northwest.
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Ironwood Builders
Starting with materials to see and hold...most manufacturers will send a sample of their product to a potential buyer at no cost. Go on line and use their contact information to get some coming. Now for cost of install and maintenance. Generally, the labor cost on siding is pretty static..except for shingles. They cost more because each piece must be individually handled and installed. The concrete panel shingles make it cost less, more like regular wood siding. Although Cedar Valley does make a shingle siding in real cedar over a plywood base. Any wood product left on its own and with minimal or no maintenance will deteriorate quickly. Concrete won't. Concrete is more durable, less prone to moisture issues and fire resistive. As for looking like the real thing close up....not so much. Painted, maybe (but still kind of no). Wood is like nothing else and nothing attempting to look like real wood manages the task. The panel products use a repeat of sizes and textures and colors to imitate wood. They must repeat because the cost of manufacturing would be too high. Each piece of cedar shingle is unique, different width, different color, different grain. Knowing is seeing.
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