Need help with my living room
Raashi Sethi
March 27, 2013
I have brown n black interior. I guess I need lot of suggestions with it.
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What area's do you want to improve? What is your budget?
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Raashi, making sense of the charcoal and rust together needs a gold or honey tone as its lighter complement -let the rusty rug be the deep tone. So, we need to add a lot more layers with fabrics and wall color. I would stay away from the oranges as something honey toned is going to help the rust tones of the rug to feel a bit more grounded.

Adding fabrics that give the eye all the color tones together helps a lot. What do you think about helping the eye by adding a print upholstered ottoman as a coffee table - great when you have little ones since they are soft and you can put a tray on top for grownup drinks and flowers when it is time to entertain. Imagine a big round ottoman on the rug with a black laquered tray. This presents all the tones - gold to rust/ orange and light to dark gray - helps the eye see your color story.

Here is something that would make great pillow covers

Now layer in another print for curtain panels

This is the kind of tone you could put on one or a pair of chairs to repeat the rusty tone in the rug but give it pow -

Now, to art that makes it all seem so deliberate and layered - in a large size for over the sectional maybe combined with black carved elements

for a feature spot try this one mounted

Hope these layers make sense to you about how to start where you are and get something wonderful.

You can also layer the gold tones in the room by adding color to your walls - see this proven shade
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