Why is the poor dog in jail...??
March 28, 2013
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I think the dog can go outside if he wants to - it looks like there is another door behind him Which opens to an outside patio. Besides it looks like he's smiling :-)
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I didn't notice the exit to the patio - great idea!
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Sometimes people put their dogs in "jail" aka crates or kennels to keep the dogs safe while they are away from home. It's not a punishment and some dogs actually like having their own little sanctuary to escape to.
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My dog's each have their own large kennel. I leave the doors open during the day and several times during the day they go in and nap. At night, I say "let's go to bed" and they all run to their kennel. They love having a safe place of their own. Love this idea!
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We work with retired racing greyhounds. Our own greyhound, Seraphina, LOVES her crate. As she's a retired racer, she was crate-trained. When we go on vacation, her crate goes with us. It's her safe place, and she also uses it when she needs to get away from the hustle and bustle.
These people are lucky to have such a great space!
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