How can I seat 6 in this living room?
Stephanie McCray
March 29, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I want to be able to fit two love seats and a chair-any suggestions? It's 11'x19'. The closet door swings away from the window/front door and there's a fireplace on the wall to the left of the front door.

Do I have to go with a sectional? another option?
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For seating 6 you will need more than two love seats and a chair ?! What about a large corner sofa in the corner (backing on to bedroom and closet wall ) coupled with a love seat will allow ample room for 6 ?!?
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Kevin Retired Decorator
I hate to say this but if your building , could you move the front door all the way over to the closet wall ? Move the front windows over. It would be worth it to make even a late change if at all possible you will be so much happier in the long run even if it cost $2000. or more it would be a couple of dollars more a month in payments over the years. That would be the best if you can. If you can't then I feel you could put a sofa on the wall across from the door with a coffee table in front of it and a end table in the corner and a chair on the closet wall. Then a pair of chairs on the front wall with a end table between and a chair by the fireplace on the dining room side wall. The key here would be to measure like crazy use armless chairs on the front wall. A 78" long sofa or less no end table on the dining room end of the sofa. A swivel chair by the F/P dining entry. a small scaled chair or maybe a wall hugger recliner next to the sofa. None of the rest of the seating could be recliners everything for your furniture would have to be small scale. Use high legs for a sofa or some of the seating if possible. So it doesn't look crowed. Get straight back sofa & chairs that don't have much depth to them. I think it could be done use tables with see thru glass tops. All of these pointers will work and not make the room heavy with furniture. Its all going to be small/right scaled furniture to work and look good. Of course if there's a TV in the room the only place to put it would be over the fireplace & viewing it would be limited. That would seat 7 people but most folks don't like sitting 3 on a sofa. But I think a love seat by it self would really start to look dollhouse only using one. I hope one of these plans will truly work for you. The corner where the front door and closet is at could really only have a console or bookcase there. It's to tight for a chair. But think about how they furnish a RV these days all the arms are very small on seating or armless. It's going to be a bit challenging but I think you can make it work. I would not buy anything until your in the home and have a return offer with all your purchases. My parents had the same problem but they were lucky they were able to return the furniture. So I know how you feel. Just measure a lot because furniture in stores look smaller than in a home. I use to sell furniture and this was the #1 reason people returned things because it didn't fit in their room. In my career I strive for a comfortable & beautiful room. Congrats on you new home ! My best to you ! Sincerely , Kevin
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Kevin Retired Decorator
One other thought for your home. Hang your window coverings higher and wider than your windows to give a large feel. Use less and larger over scaled art work hung 6"s above your seating pieces to also make the room look larger and the art will look more anchored to your furniture and at eye level when your seated. Use Mirrors in every room for bouncing light around and give a again a spacious feel. Use larger lamps too. And larger accessories for tables & mantle will also give a grander scale to a smaller room. I'm trying to give everything I can think of to help your house be a beautiful and comfortable home. There are painting and finishing tricks of the trade I can tell you to if you want. I feel like I have already preached enough tonite. lol
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Stephanie McCray
Kevin-this is so helpful. I can't thank you enough for your input. I moved in over the weekend and presently have done the following: placed a 78' leather sofa flush with the closet walls. Hung a 50" TV over the fireplace and placed one chair (that will need to be replaced because it's much too big) to the left of the entry door. I have two glass topped nested coffee tables that are small in scale. I love your ideas for making the room feel more spacious (e.g. large lamps, striking artwork at eye level, and hanging the curtains higher). I'm not sure where to hang mirrors and I do have a large 6' tall leaning mirror but I fear it wont fit well in the space once I invest in additional seating (love the ideas for armless, narrow chairs and couches with straightbacks and high legs).
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Kevin Retired Decorator
So did the sofa use that whole wall up ? Would love to see pics so I could help you more. I'm happy to help you.
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You maybe don't have room for a chair to the right of the entrance, but you could place a table there for folks to set their keys, purses, etc. But under the table have a stool on wheels that can be pulled out when you have a group of people. Also, your "Coffee table" could be a hassock (how do you spell that?) that could be moved when there is need for more seating.
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If you remove the short walls separating the LR/DR you could float two chairs (with the chair backs facing the DR table. Then, you can do two loveseats in an L shape, or the sectional in the corner.
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