Mixing Blind Sizes in Living Room

johnpauldMarch 30, 2013
I'm having trouble deciding on window treatments for the living room in our new house (we're renovating a 1923 bungalo).

We did the bedrooms first, and bought the 2 inch Bali faux wood blinds since we liked that style. They look nice enough, but I realized after buying them that the mounting space inside the windows is only 1" deep, so the blinds protrude from the window about another inch.

With the living room, we feel like we need to stick with the 2-inch blinds, since the big window in the master bedroom and the big window in the living room both face the street and need to match. However, I'm worried that having the extra inch of blinds sticking out from the window looks a little tacky.

Also, the 2 inch style looks great on the big living toom window (63x56") but there are 5 other smaller windows on the south side wall where I'm not sure the wider blinds would be as appropriate:

• 27 x 53 (x3)
• 29 x 22
• 46 x 21

So, I guess my question is, should I just go with the 2" blinds all the way around, or should I use 2" on the large window and 1" on the others? I know they don't make many 1" wood blinds, so I don't know what we'd do in that case. My girlfriend really isn't fond of cellular shades.

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Riddle Construction and Design
You need to keep the blind style consistent in each room and preferably from room to room if it is a small house. I would not mix 2" blinds with 1" blinds in the same room. If the protrusion bothers you, ( it would me as well) you could add side drapery panels that covers the blind sticking past the casing. This also will add a more finished touch to each room.
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, we planned on adding drapes to cover the protrusion on the big window. Unfortunately the five smaller windows on the south wall are only separated by 4 inches or so, so adding drapes to all of them might make it feel pretty cluttered.
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johnpauld, have I been here before! 1928 bungaow - the drapery didn't mask the problem - the blinds look better if placed on the outside of the casing, or if applicable. from the ceiling(!). My contention in the end was that the 2" just overwhelmed the space (on top of everything else). I went to cafe curtains and fabric shades and a few patched holes for good measure. Keep your options open? Good luck.
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