Help My Mansard
Katie PMarch 31, 2013
My husband and I will be moving into this home next month. We fell in love with the inside, but I hate the roof. My husband doesn't seem to mind it because he is blinded by the inside and big back yard. I was thinking painting the front door red and adding shutters to the top window. Any ideas would be very helpful! I am having a hard time seeing a beauitful vision.
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I think sticking with white and adding shutters will make a cohesion look at least start with the shutters before painting and decide from there
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I've never seen a mansard with shutters on top, not sure what that would look like. The problem I see is on the right side of the house the yard is higher, so it makes the bottom of the house look much smaller than the mansard. I would start with removing the brick border at the base of the house, it's adding a horizontal line that shortens the lower level. Then get shutters for lower windows that go from the top of the window down as far as you can go towards the foundation, that will add vertical lines on that level which will give the illusion of more height. The back corner of the house bothers me too, perhaps a bush at that back corner to hide how close the roof is to the yard since the backyard seems to have an uphill slope? The front door would look great painted a color! I have a spanish mansard roof over my garage, it's going bye-bye when I remodel, ah the 70's!
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it's top heavy. building a white raised trellis over the garage would add weight on the lower side without obstructing windows. it could be planted in climbing roses . i'd leave the door white and paint the railings to match.
plant a deep bed of low growing bushes or a perennial bed to the right of the porch extending around the corner of the house. the plants on the side can be fairly tall. don't plant anything that will grow above the bottom window sill or you'll be constantly having to prune.
bring the same color out to the bed by the mailbox.
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This one looks fresh and is similar to yours. Maybe paint will help?
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