April 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Is the installation warranty for granite important? We are deciding between two fabricators- one has a 10 year the other has a one year warranty. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for in the warranty ?
Thank you
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
I assume that there is a difference in cost between the two or the question would not come up. If you are contracting directly with the fabricator, I think the most important things to ask about and understand are: 1) how are they going to level (or flatten) the surface upon which the granite will be laid, 2) where in your particular configuration are they going to seam the product, 3) will they template and will they allow you to be present to lay the template out on the granite before they start cutting, 4) will all the material be out of the same slab or consecutive slabs, 5) is the granite polished and sealed before installation and 6) do they do any cutting or grinding in your home and how do they protect your home. Once installed, if done properly to start with, I have never seen an issue arise from installation. Maybe others can comment.
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Thank you. I never would have known to ask those questions. We found a slab that we like so either fabricator would be using the same exact slab. The one with the ten year warranty is $200 more but for some (unexplained) reason, my husband is getting a better vibe from them. My feeling, if it's the exact same slab, why spend an extra $200. I will email both fabricators and ask them to respond to them.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
Don't underestimate your gut feeling when selecting between two vendors, particularly for only $200.00. Make sure that you are getting someone that has a good customer service attitude.
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The questions that Deborah listed are VERY important questions to ask both fabricators--in person if possible. This way you can better see how the employees handle themselves and maybe they can even give you some visual examples. The seaming, layout, and consecutive slabs are extremely important. Do you know if your kitchen layout can easily fit on the one slab that you picked out at the warehouse? If you do not, I would ask your fabricators this question as well.

Deborah is correct that, if done properly, usually no problems will arise after installation. A granite can chip (rarely) or other similar minor issues can happen, but usually everything will be fine. However, if nothing generally happens, why would one fabricator only offer a 1 year warranty? We offer a 10 year warranty as well--as most quality fabrication shops do.

Be sure to ask both fabricators these questions. $200 is a minor price to pay in such a permanent investment, so do not let the cost completely dominate this decision.
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
Ask for a copy of the written warranty to see what is actually covered. A one year workmanship is standard in the industry for most any trade and is required by most building departments.
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