Does wooden chopping board hide a bigger sink, is it removable or does it butt to a long skinny sink?
April 3, 2013 in Photo Questions
Hi Ironwood, your homes are amazing!, esp kitchens and bathrooms - have followed the Plyboo commentary all interesting. This kitchen has great workstations. Curious to know what the corner inlay does/is - is it lighting, same on far corner lower down and the 2 small inlays straight ahead. Love dish drainer and other small ledge over cooking area. Thanks again
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Ironwood Builders
This kitchen was designed by Fu Tung Cheng ( and is on the cover of his book, "Concrete at Home". The installation was photographed intensely as we assembled the kitchen just for the book...I actually made it into one of the photos, setting the big green sink top. The concrete pieces were formed and produced by Cheng Designs, we built cabinets and sheathed walls in Plyboo and did the GC work of installing appliances, etc.

About the questions: The cutting board sits on a stainless steel pan that is part of the counter top system. The trough sink is lined with Horus crackle subway tile ripped to 1 1/2" x 5" and the crackle is grouted before sealing to make it pop. The corner details are an art installation of resin cast into the concrete. Inside are amethyst crystals. The two small bits on front are Rhodium crystals set into polished voids. There are other pieces hand set by Fu in the concrete and polished to piece is a brass bit from and automatic transmission. To say it is art is maybe an understatement. Some of the ideas are pure brilliance. Pain the butt brilliance but time heals all wounds.

I was not the GC on the entire job, only doing cabinets and finishes throughout the house...2 1/2 years...11,000 sf of art.
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