Moving into rental house... advice on furniture layout, please?
Lindsay Thompson
April 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Can anyone create some layout options for my living/dining area?

In addition to the things in you see in the 4 photos, I also have:

-an upright piano which has to be put on an inner wall of the house

-large birdcage that has to be put near a window… large as in, it's the size of a refrigerator

-8ft red microfiber, couch with custom throw pillows

-yellow chair & a half w/ ottoman

-flat screen tv that needs to be mounted on the wall,

-rectangle coffee table & 2 small (squarish) end tables (granite top)

-desk with 2 built in shelves (aprx 4 ft wide)... this could go in 3rd bedroom if needed

-4 ft x 7ft bookcase that I've Repurposed as a "launching pad"…
mounted hooks on the outside of it where dog leashes, umbrella, keys, & purse are hung, & added decorative bins on shelves and a little lamp.
I put things on my "launching pad" as I am preparing to leave house (a bin for "take me with you items" & a designated bin for things to "put away at a later time"... (rushing home to let dogs out to potty and have to leave immediately after, but want to get "x" items out of my car).

I am a very visual oriented person... so I have been having difficulty visualizing what to do with my stuff in the space. It would be SO helpful if anyone is willing to sketch out their ideas on placement of my furniture, take a picture, & share it with me! :) I would be most grateful!

Could someone email their sketched ideas...?
or if there is a way to share them with me through Houzz...?

Thank you for reading and for your consideration!
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Lindsay Thompson
By the way, the table & chairs that are in visible in the first photo don't belong to me and will be gone soon.
April 3, 2013 at 6:41pm   
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Lindsay Thompson
there is doorway right after where white trash can is... it's a hallway...
April 3, 2013 at 6:42pm   
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Lindsay Thompson
Photo was taken from when entering house at front door.
When entering here, if you walked in and turned & looked to the left, you'd see the same windows that you see on the left of the house if looking at the outside photo of the front of the house.
April 3, 2013 at 6:48pm   
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Lindsay Thompson
Just realized I can add more photos via comments! So here are a few more.
April 3, 2013 at 6:50pm   
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Lindsay Thompson
In the process of updating kitchen...
see before pics & during update pics
April 7, 2013 at 12:46am   
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Reade Gloeckner
First of all, Stop and think. You are moving into a rental home that will not be your home. Sure, your landlord would just as soon have you pay rent each month and then would love you to spend your money to make the home improvements so he can then turn around and move you out eventually so he raise the rent and make more money. Your $500 budget for the kitchen goes right out the window with tile flooring with the labor and amount of tile required. He currently has linoleum. By the time you put in a new sub floor (required after taking the linoleum out, then put down hardy backer board (for tile) it is just not cost effective for you. Any expense that you put in to make the place the way that you want it, is a waste of your money period.

Find another place, or find a landlord that is willing to give you credit towards rent. I believe that you were considering a dishwasher. Well a decent dishwasher runs roughly $350 (if lucky). We are in a bad economy and if you are working so that you can purchase a house (best option) spending good earned money is not a good plan. The problem with most people today (blame it on media blitz) is that want everything now and they max out credit cards and throw money at the abd products that are poorly made in China. That stuff looks looks good on the surface, but it six months to a year, it ends up at a landfill. Any wood is soft woods, disposable furniture.

And advertising wants us to have a new every five years. Generally, the public falls for it. If you want great design and great products, here the key. You can put any quality period of furniture with any other period if that period was quality. For instance, Regency, Empire, Neoclassical, Sheraton, Chippendale, Queen Anne, Hepplewhite, Rococo, etc. If it is from a bad period, then you can't mix it. Mediterranean doesn't go well and certainly colonial sometimes just doesn't, buy gently used from thrift stores. You would be surprised what I find and the cost. For example, Karges (thest hand carved furniturte in the world. A console table, original price was $8,470. If found two of these tables. The first one, was marked down to $275. I knew it was about a $5,000 table. Six months later, I found one, inside the drawer was the original price breakdown.

These are not isolated incidents. Baker Chest with granite top for $200. Original price, $4,600. The list continues. Find what you like but go for high quality, low price, then you can worry about where to put it later. Start one piece at a time. So instead of money into your landlord's pocket, put it in your pocket.

Old job I did for over 20+ years was an auditor. Now I do interior design and landscape, But I am not greedy and tell people to slow down and think and make sound financial decision. Don't fill up landfills. You can try garage sales and estate sales as well. I am not profiting by telling you the above information. I just didn't feel it was right for your landlord to be so greedy.
April 7, 2013 at 1:58am     
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I'm confused about the comment from RG. Did I miss something? It didn't seem to go with your post & pix. Oh, well... If you give LR dimensions, there are people who are on Houzz that can create virtual room plans. I can't do that yet! lol But I do have questions:
Where will the TV go? Usually the wiring makes this a limited choice, so give that info first.
Is there a doorway to the right of the front door? Or is that good wall space for your pieces (which I love, BTW!)?
Do you have a separate dining area or does this room need to have both? Is that carved piece a dining table set?
Do you have a budget for rugs or lamps?
It looks like the windows all have mini-blinds. Are you planning to change or add treatments?

Until I have more info, consider placing your piano on the wall facing the front door & making that your focal point, with art that you love hanging over it. If there's room, put your long bookcase cabinet on the wall to the right of the front door with the TV hanging over it. Then your sofa could either float & face the piano or go against the small window wall. Maybe the birdcage could go in the corner near the window where the room gets wider & sort of face the piano. If I'm right this would keep it from looming too large when you first enter the room. You are a lucky person! I love all the windows and natural light, the wood floors, and your new kitchen floor tiles!
April 7, 2013 at 3:29am   
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Staged for Perfection
RG: huh?
I think the piano should go on the wall where the table is ( think that is pattieg suggested too) Do you have a pic of the whole wall to the right of the door?
April 7, 2013 at 3:43am   
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You haven't shown us the wall opposite all the windows. Piano might work there or where the table is, but.... need to see.
April 7, 2013 at 4:53am   
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