Need help with rocky sloped country backyard for patio, hot tub, fireplace and outdoor kitchen
April 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We just recently made the decision to move from the suburbs to the country and I am hoping someone could share their ideas on what to do with this project.

The further I get into the designing of the back patio, the more confused I get. I would like to add a cement patio that runs the length of the current covered patio(50') and about 12' wide. Add a hot tub somewhere along with an outdoor kitchen, either attached to the new or old porch or maybe even pour another 12x14 detached patio for it. I also want to add a fire ring, either in the new patio or down on the ground. I cant figure where to put any of it. We have a bedroom door at the far end of the porch going out to the patio and are thinking that would be a good place to start with the hot tub.

Can anyone please share their experiences about the layout of such a project. I am trying to keep a rustic look to go with the hill country setting.

Thank you,

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well you first question is always budget as with anything. Considering how much you are willing to spend will save you some time by not spending to much time considering options that will blow your whole budget before falling in love with them.

I would probably contact a designer or possibly landscape architect to consult with if this is too confusing since this process is very tedious and detail oriented. Also they may be expensive to hire but will give you multiple options of concepts within your budget if your are willing to pay for the time.

A couple of rough ideas in my opinion would be to stay away form concrete since it is so dull and will really be a big blob in such a natural space. I would go with more of a natural stone patio and possibly retaining wall and maybe let it creep out into the yard as walkways as well. The wall will delineate the yard from the patio a bit more and make it another room instead of one large space. Everything else you would like to include are simply executed once you have a layout for your base and sizing for your patio so you can get an idea of cost at that point and just go from there.
   April 4, 2013 at 6:51AM
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Thank you for your comments. Our budget is around 20k. I do like the idea of a natural stone patio but figured it would be more expensive and unsure of what kind of base to use. It is hard to find contractors in this area that do that kind of work. I can try and do it myself but I think I would be biting more off than I can chew. We are living in the San Antonio, Tx area. Not sure if you know someone that does this kind of work in the area, but if so, please share. Thanks again for your help.
   April 19, 2013 at 12:11PM
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