HUGE blank featureless wall
April 4, 2013
Please tell me, what would you do with this wall? It's about 6m (or nearly 20 ft). I'm having trouble deciding. I thought about making a faux fireplace to separate the two areas - the tv area and the desk - but I've decided to keep the map there as the kids like to look at it. I'm planning that it's going to be painted the same yellow as the adjoining wall, and I'm thinking about making the whole wall a gallery wall. I'm also toying with the idea of adding some stone tiles to one side of the wall so that it's not so flat and boring. I don't want to use a 'feature' wallpaper because I want to display paintings. I would LOVE to hear some other ideas (as my husband is now entirely bored with this conversation)!
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If you bring the color around to this wall that will likely help. Is there another wall for the map? If your kids like looking at it don't take it away...too few kids know where anything in the world is today, or even show a curiosity to know, so that's important. Could the desk move away from "The Wall" and the map center over the desk, with space for the children to get close? If so, that may help to define the spaces (living/TV and work/study). You could then do something as simple as getting a series of black and white prints, framed in dark frames and cream mats, and stack them from ceiling to floor (well, not literally, but I imagine you'll know what I mean). Make that vertical line of prints sort of even with the sofa arm (the sofa facing the window), and you'll have created two distinct spaces easily and inexpensively. And whatever you do, don't do a fake fireplace...that's a focal point in a room and you don't want an off-center, awkwardly placed focal point with no place to sit and focus on it!
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Thanks so much Chambers for your thoughtful suggestions. You've made me see sense re the fireplace... Really like the idea of the prints separating the two areas. There isn't really room to move the desk away from the wall, but you've got me thinking... Thanks again!
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What I imagine is painting the entire wall the same colour as the blue on your map. Then use a red marker to create dotted lines (do you remember the Indiana Jones movies when they travelled intercontinentally?

) but off the map to various frames. In those frames, place a gallery of pictures of places (the fun is finding photographs or images that give a clue to a place that may not be obvious - no Taj Mahals, but perhaps a picture of someone in the family wearing an Indian skirt etc etc)
Even if you don't paint the wall blue, the idea could still work and could evolve over time and be a very personal but fun project that involves the entire family
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Oh wow! I absolutely love the Indiana Jones idea with the photos of places on the map.

I thought of a mock frame around the map, just attach wooden slats painted white around the map.
Eden Prairie Home

or wallpapering an entire wall somewhere (maybe the hall or a playroom or the 'powder room') with a map of the world.
Children's Bedroom - Grace Home Design

But I'm sold on ASV's idea.
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Holly Anderson Fine Art
you mentioned wanting to display paintings, maybe here you will get some ideas or inspiration:

I love the space, have fun decorating!
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