what is quarts?? is it good??
Fathima Ummer
April 4, 2013
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Marble of the World
Quartz is the second most abundant mineral (after feldspar) in the Earth's crust, present in many rocks. Quartz consists of silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO) and occurs as a component of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks as well as in a variety of other forms such as rock crystal. Many varieties are gemstones, including amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, and rose quartz.. Pure quartz, is colorless and transparent (clear) or translucent, and has often been used for hardstone carvings, such as the Lothair Crystal. The frosty white version of this stone, almost milky in its whiteness, is sometimes called White Quartz or “Snow Quartz.”

The Countertop shown approve is a white quartz from our semi-precious Concetto line by Caesarstone. The Stone’s surface is hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones; in this case white quartz pieces bound with clear resin.

The Concetto Collection can be used for a variety of applications including furniture, vanities, kitchen & bathroom surfaces, work surfaces, countertops, floors, walls, special features and more.
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
@Marble of the World, I hear you are now a distributor for Samsung Radianz?
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Marble of the World
Yes we are. Our sales team will be happy to speak to you about the Samsung Radianz line of products. Please give us a call.
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Could let me now where I can by this counter top
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Marble of the World
Marble of the World offers the full line of the concetto collection. We will be happy to discuss pricing and availability.
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Natural stone art
Are you interested join with new supplier for semiprecious stone ........
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