Need help to identify manufaturer.
Rune PedersenApril 5, 2013
Hi all.

Is there anyone out there who knows who (originally) designed/manufature this bathtub?

I've only found replicas of it, so I wondered where I could by the original one - but I still have no clue (after 3 days of heavy searching) where to find it.

Kind regards
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Rune Pedersen
Thank you Alexandria, appreciate your reply. I've been in contact with Kephen at Dreambath, and I would need to buy a 20' container of bathtubs if I where to shop from them :)
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Well, you most probably will not run out of spare ones:) And you can put one in the bathroom, one in the mudroom (you can wash the boots right there in style), one in the kitchen (the ancient Romans did their best schmaltz in tubs), use one for koi fish (what a dramatic statement it will be, nobody will notice the 100 gallon aquarium in the room!), you see... But I do like it myself, I wish I had a place for such one. Good luck!
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Rune Pedersen
Haha. The thing is - I only have a 3 room apartment. But I like the Koi fish idea!
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Rune Pedersen
Found it. It's called 'Scoop' by Michael Schmidt -
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Congratulations! Do you need a source for Koi fish? ;-)
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