Need Help with decorating Family room.
April 5, 2013

I've been looking through Houzz & have always seen the good advice given on the discussion forums. SO I thought I could turn to you all for some help with the furniture placement & the rest of the decor in my family room.
This is a moderately sized room at 13ft x 16ft

I already have a new Chaise sofa & two old chairs. My problem is the furniture placement so as not to crowd the room as we have two toddlers who use this a s a playroom but also make it look elegant for company (we entertain a lot).
I have not bought any accent tables & other pieces because I wanted input about what things should be like before committing to anything.

This room backs to the dining nook & kitchen as you see in the pictures.
And as you can see four doors open to this room - starting from near the fireplace - the den door, door from formal living/dining room & the the door from the main entry hallway.

This limits me in my options for furniture arrangement as I am not a fan of entering a room to be greeted by chair/sofa backs :( If it was a really big room I could have gotten away with keeping the other chair on the other side of the fireplace and making the wall that it's already on a walkway with a console table, but right now I might just crowd the room & obstruct the den door.

The sofa is 84 inches long & the chairs about 26 x 26 inches wide & deep.

Also I would like advice on recovering the chair cushions to match the sofa & rug. you see I live in Oregon & wanna hang on to what little sunlight we can get, so I will not be obstructing the windows & want to make the room look lighter with the furniture & any accents.The sofa is Charcoal grey & the rug a mix of grey/taupe & beige (almost brownish) . Any thoughts on how to do this with accent pieces,paint & decor/curtains is sure appreciated.

The other problem is the fireplace which is not centered in the wall it's on and there's a small alcove above & to it's right which I have no idea what to do, I'd rather place a big mirror or painting above the mantle but the mantle wall is about 1foot behind the face of the fireplace & makes a good ledge to collect dust & clutter (as you see in the pic). I long for symmetry in the room at least on the mantle but If I put something over the fireplace the whole right side is left out?

I hope you can offer me some advice on this mess of a room :(

P.s. The pics are taken from different entry points into the room.
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Peach Tree Interiors
I would paint the fireplace the charcoal color and the walls 2-3 shades lighter. you need pops of color. Try blues, taupes,tans in pillows and pictures.I don't know what your budget is but I am an interior designer and I have some pictures on ebay. my email is
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Project Guru
This is a great space but you've got quite a challenge in satisfying both the requirements for a toddler play space and an adult entertainment space in one. I understand your reservation against obscuring the window, but the best spot for the couch is probably there: adding a narrow glass-topped console table behind it would allow you to add a lamp, some plants, and a few accent pieces away from little hands. Consider a rectangular ottoman rather than a coffee table: one with a firm top and leatherette or Sunbrella fabric or 100% polyester velvet would withstand juice spills and other mishaps, cleaning up with simple soap and water. The same textiles make great throw pillows and allow you to bring color and pattern into your decor for the bright touches you are looking for. You can also add window panels hung on short rods close to the ceiling on either side of the window without obscuring any of the glass. For the mantle I would start with a large mirror leaning on the post where your clock is now- make sure it is well secure to the wall.

then only spare larger scale accents: one on the left of the mirror and 3 on the right: large candle pillars in hurricanes, tall lanterns, colorful vases- all things you might use when you entertain. Play with scale, texture and color for a best result. I would like to see your chairs floated up close to the ottoman, maybe with a Chinese stool between, or one of those carved wood stools from West Elm: a place to put a drink when adults are around, but sturdy enough for little people. All your current colors are fairly neutral and lend themselves to the addition of jewel tones - go with what you like: turquoise, yellow, greens, and touches of metallics as accents. A curved console on the smaller wall where the chair site now wold add the chance to add another large mirror to bounce the light from the window, and give a couple more accent pieces a home.
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Holly Anderson Fine Art
If you would like to add some color without painting, i can help you in the art department. I have contemporary originals, standard prints, metal prints, framed prints,acrylic prints and also do custom work within my clients budget. the attached images may be too bold for you, but covers your likes of ( turquoise,yellow & greens ) thank you to coming to houzz for advice!
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Jayme H.
Have u tried the sofa on the wall where the single chair is sitting/along the wall? Or floating the sofa out from the wall where it is right now? I thing the two chairs would look better together, with a small table inbetween..
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@designersharon04 Thanks for the idea about the fireplace, that's a great tip but could you point me in the directions of how to tackle the asymmetry, do I just paint the fireplace surround charcoal & then the rest f the mantle/ledge in the same color as the walls to camouflage it?

@Project Guru Thanks so much for the great inspiration! Well as for making the space a playroom & entertainment area, what I want is a flexi-space. I can keep the kids off the furniture but not the floor, so I will most probably be buying storage ottomans as coffee tables as you advise & use them to hide the toys when company comes.
I had never thought of arranging the mantle accents as you say, Thank you for that :) !

@Holly Anderson Fine Art I love your second pic with the turquoise touch! I am thinking of a large painting for the far wall of the dining nook, is there a website of yours which I can check out your paintings?

@Jayme Hobbs I agree about the chairs - I actually paired them together to see how it goes - I liked it, but am unsure if it seems to obstruct the flow of traffic from the other rooms, I have attached pics to show you the view when entering the space from the living room & den.

as for accent colors this is my inspiration:

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p.s please excuse the clutter in the background, we just moved & still are literally living out of moving boxes :/
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It's a Beautiful World!
Couldn't help but notice your inspiration color, it is featured in one of our art pieces too :) Good luck decorating!... Raisa
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Holly Anderson Fine Art
@ su79 Thank you for the compliment! here is one of my websites that features originals & prints :
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