Counter Tops?

frenchmellobando2016April 5, 2013
My family is building a new house and we are trying to decide on counter tops for my bathroom. Being a teenage girl, I do my nails all the time so I need to have the ability to use a swipe of nail polish remover on the counter without ruining the finish. I also have hot hair styling tools that are often on and I don't want them to burn the counter top. I also need it to not be super expensive and perferably not fermica, any ideas? I have not decided on colors for cabinets or my bathroom. Thank You!
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Cindy Quinton
That sounds like the way I abuse my counter tops, lol! Granite of some sort seems like one of the few choices. For a bathroom one could go with a thinner stone, and there are many of the builder grades of stone available to contractors that would be a bit cheaper. The only other thing that comes to mind is some kind of tile (which I hate) or concrete. Concrete seems to turn out extraordinary or terrible, depending on the craftsman. Also, it is probably not any cheaper than granite when done by an artisan. Congrats on the new home for your family!
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Mello, congrats on your new home. Cindy, do you know if nail polish remover would damage a Corian/Staron/quartz counter top ?
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
Ed, only if it is left on for a long period of time. Denatured alcohol was the standard product to use when cleaning surfaces for fabrication, in California it was outlawed, now acetone is used.
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Norm, thanks, so a little "swipe" as mello mentioned for a few moments should be OK ? Also, acetone is a pretty strong chemical... probably not good for the health ? (Of course, it's bad in large dosage; but even small "swipes" over long periods of time? Just curious. )
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
A little swipe will be fine, the rest will evaporate quickly. Acetone doesn't contain solids that get trapped in the lungs so it isn't that bad.
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