Need curb appeal ides
April 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Need color ideas. Thought about adding a portico but so expensive. The front is vertical wood siding and cement colored brick. Tan colors and new roof is weathered wood. But back and sides are light yellow vinyl siding. Need to make front and back more cohesive. Can repaint all but can you paint vinyl siding. What colors and maybe new shutters. Paint the front door. Looking for suggestions.
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Rockin' Fine Finish
You can paint vinyl siding you need vinyl safe colors you can get them at Sherwin Williams
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Rockin' Fine Finish
Can you post a closer up pic of the front of the house
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Elizabeth Hayden
Looking at the photo of the front of the house, I would get out my pruners and cut back the branches of the large tree that is obscuring the house. Ie clear the leaves from the bottom 10' or so. Your current colour scheme is okay, but it is hard to see the house. Can you post a picture of the back of the house that has more of the yard in it? It looks like a lot of siding and could probably use some softening with some good landscaping.
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Gerald MoragneEl
At first glance it appears that the tree in the front is crooked and the roots are close to your drive way and it seems that eventually it will tear up your concrete. I love trees but would cut it down and plant some other trees in other locations on your lawn. It looks like the front door will need a pop of color and maybe update the garage doors and shutters. Doesn't seem too costly but I would need to see the front closer and behind the big tree.
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Couple more photos. Yes since this picture was taken I have trimmed up front tree and removed long branch to see house more but do not have new photo. But any thoughts on a new colors to make the house pop a little more?
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Scott Design, Inc.
Your front roof is a dominant feature and overwhelms the fa├žade. To "pop" the house color would emphasize the roof even more. Your existing palette works well. I suggest you remove the shrubbery and replace it with more of a free form, deeper, low profile plan to maximize the height of the walls and brings your focus to the front door. I would remove the shutters. If you don't like the result, I would increase the size of the shutters, mount them on the window trim and paint them a couple shades darker than the wall. Increase the size of the front door side light and possibly add another. You should see a substantial improvement. I'm glad you pruned your tree.
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Thanks for the comments. Things I had not considered. Especially on landscaping and lower profile plantings to make the house look taller. Remove shutters. good idea. I will try it since the ones on now are too Narrow for window anyway and was thinking of replacing. With the color the house has now should the front door and trim stay black? Or change to match other colors on trim. Would any other color work for the door? If anyone has any comments.
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Scott Design, Inc.
If green plantings are always visible throughout the year, you may want to consider a green door. But I would keep all the trim the same
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