Tile or hardwood in kitchen?
April 8, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I can't decide between hardwood and tile in my kitchen. I like the look of hardwood with white cabinets, but I've heard many complain that dirt gets in the grooves of the wood etc. I have 3 kids, ages 3,6, and 8.
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I have hardwood floors in my kitchen...the only minor problem I have had is that dirt/crumbs get caught in the edges where the kick board/molding from cabinets meet the floor. A toothpick and vacuum solve that. I have never had a problem with dirt getting in the grooves of the flooring. Some things to think about with tile...(someone told me this before we built and had children, so I definitely stayed away from tile,) if you drop something, that something shatters on tile...also, the grout will most likely show wear and tear and eventually food stains will always make it look dirty. Hope that helps =)
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Cconnolly, this is probably one of the most popular questions here on Houzz -- if you go through many of the threads in Design Dilemma, you'll see this question asked many times. Like Caroled, I'm also getting maple hardwood in the kitchen. I was also worried about any water damage (leaks from the fridge, from the dishwasher, liquids from cooking, etc. etc.) I like the look and the warm (and softer) feeling of wood, compared to tile which is cooler and harder on the touch. As for cleaning, I think both wood and tile have maintenance issues (tiles have grout to clean).
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I have hardwoods in my kitchen and love them. But they do show water spots. If any appliance leaks, it shows. Thought about tile but its so cold and anything you drop is broken:(
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If you go to Tile Stores you can look at the new selection available now for Laminated Flooring or Tiles that both look exactly like real wood floors! They have many styles and colors to choose from and you can also get a textured style that is not slippery at all!
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Okay I think I have a solution for you, as far as dropping things and they break, that can happen on wood or tile.
Don,t let that hinder your decision. I recently had a flood actually a few, but the latest one did us in. I am so sick and tired of watching my wood floors shrink and expand, scratch, my dogs are the worst for that, and look at every streak ,mark drip etc. I had to make a claim with my home insurance and I decided on going with a porcelain tile that has texture with a little shine it comes in a 6x24 tile and a 12 x 24. If I had a chance I would have picked the larger. In any case it looks like wood, its porcelain don't buy ceramic and it is the best thing since sliced bread. I used a pre-mixed grout called quart star 2 grout, it is very expensive but bear in mind it is
submersible. Great for installers very easy to apply no powder dust or mixing and the best thing is you can close the container and use again 3 years later ( I know hard to believe ) I pulled up all my hard woods on 1st floor 1300 sq ft and put this down in its place living, dinning, family, entry, half bath, master bedroom and kitchen
I love this I can't tell when the floor is dirty! the grout is maintenance free, you will be able to pick up red wine, dog pee, doesn't retain any stains or smells. here is a picture of my tile and grout. This is a green choice, just think you will never have to sand and re-stain wood again this was a huge plus for me. There is no such thing as dustless sanding, you will still have dust everywhere possible.
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sorry I forgot to mention the floor does not have radiant heating (too expensive, slippers, house shoes or sneakers work just as well) I do live in GA so summer is brutal here, dogs love it they don't slide all over the place like on wood floors. (2- 75lbs dogs). I just can't say enough about the floors or the grout, my installer/friend told me he used this in a chain of pet stores all over California. Good luck , nobody believes its porcelain , they usually have to touch it.
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Hardwood for an open concept design.
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Thanks for all of your answers. They certainly help.
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Studio Homes
omg... i finally got rid of my tiled kitchen!! never been so happy. the grout was shear misery....hands and knees with a small brush everytime i expected company. ... and that only slightly improved it. as far as wood... not sure as i did laminate. we build homes and put laminate in every time. if you get the good stuff rated AC4 it will be virtually indestructable. i tested some by dropping 2 peices in a dish of water for hours... then dried out completely ... and they hooked together flawlessly. not a hint of damage. i bet hardwood cant do that.and dont stick to big box stores when deciding... you would be amazed at the beauty found in flooring stoes!
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Do yourself and your family a favor and go with tile. You can get tile that looks like hardwood now. The wood floors in our kitchen are about 10 years old and desperately need to be redone. Scratches from chairs, dogs, just shoes as well as spills and leaking just don't make them practical. Just a fair warning - if you go with hardwood you will end up constantly worried about and checking for new scratches.
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you can have an open concept in whatever you choose as long as the product is the same as your kitchen. continuance
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I re-read your question and the only reason you would have dirt in between the wood is if you were putting in pre-finished like where they would bake the finish on tongue and groove which is 10 times more durable than "finished on site" where they would lay the wood, sand, stain, sand again stain or a thin laminate that imitates the product I described one sentence ago. I have had both and prefer the 3/4 pre-finished tongue and groove for a more durable product, however buyer beware wood is wood and will definitely need up keep. My sister in Canada has a wood floor is that is very nice and practical. Still costly but is fake, thick vinyl looks amazing and perfect for dogs, spills, maintenance. It comes in wide slats that are staggered, easy to install
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