Paint Color?

andreswaresApril 9, 2013
Trying to figure out what color would bring everything together
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From what I can see the biggest colour in your room is the carpet. Take the light accent and or if you are brave the dark colour. If you do the latter make sure you have lots of natural light and artificial light.
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Some ideas --
SW 45th · More Info

living room · More Info

Lum · More Info

mango design co · More Info
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you need such a colour as that would add warmth to your room..
n make the tile recede to the background.. n allow the pieces to pop alongwith your white blinds.. matching element would be brick or earthy colours, as those show in teh tiles as well as your carpet.. lightest shade of brick colour..

i like the colour of the living room photo in the above post...

here are some wall colour suggestions:
Bachelor Bedroom · More Info
Decorating & Staging - The Mississauga Townhome · More Info

Astoria Guest Retreat · More Info
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Kalli George Interiors
Does this room connect to another room? If so, need to take the colour in that room into consideration. If self contained, you have more options. Is everything staying in the room? is see a big black couch, red/grey rug and a traditional pink table lamp. How big is the room? Depending on the colour, the room may look smaller or bigger. A little more detail would be beneficial.

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