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Bernard JohnApril 10, 2013
I live in an apartment (Cape Town, South Africa) which I renovated two years ago: 84sqm, 2 bedroom, one bathroom. The renovations included enclosing my balcony, wooden floors (Egger Bourbon Oak Natural), open plan kicthen (cupboards), bathroom. I am hugely creatively challenged, so the reason for this post is to seek help / guidance on applying the 'finishing touches' / address boxy room look

• Textures to wall (wallpaper, cladding, fake mouldings, paint, etc.)
• New skirting
• Cornice
• Window sills
• Rugs
• Mirrors
• Curtains

Any ideas are welcome. Many thanks, Bernard
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Good structure, good design. What it needs to give it personality are

1. Wall art (that far wall where you have your stacked chairs, begs either a gallery of photos or one large one) Try to look for something in black and white or a muted colour if it is large
2. A bigger rug that fits underneath the legs of your sofas
3. Cushions and throws to break up the black blocks that your sofa units create.
4. You need a much more elegant table lamp.
5. Don't put anything above the TV
6. On the window side, I would add either a low console with loads of books piled up to the window (if you are a reader) but not put curtains unless you need them.

Study the photos below to give you an idea of how character and personality has been added. However, the proviso is that the "stuff" you put in must mean something to you, this room needs to reflect your hobbies, likes and character. All the best

T Eatons Living Room · More Info

Showhouse · More Info

Yaletown Loft · More Info
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Bernard John
Thank you. Yes, personality was the word i was looking for ;-). What about wallpaper on the far wall?
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I love wallpaper, but in this instance, I would prefer to see something that is more personal...
If you want to look for ideas, sucks me in for hours!
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Bernard, I like your wood floor, your cabinets -- very clean and simple design. Very nice. You can think about some paint colors to your walls to add some personality. :)
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Bernard John
Thanks Ed. The problem is there are so many colours / wallpaper available that making the right choice is quite difficult. I will check out the rest of the site for ideas.
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Your pillows are quite boring in my opinion, and I would rather go for patterns there than a wallpaper.
Unfortnuately it is absolutely not to see, where you live. What about art from africa? Pictures, and maybe a one-and-a-half-meter-high-giraffe? Savannah-grass in an oversized vase?
I like the picture from ASVInteriors, with the cow as a rug (what about a zebra?^^ more exotic). You see the patterned pillows, a stylish coffeetable (that I absolutely miss in your living room). Glass keeps bright.
Like the idea of the lowboard under the windows.
What about a small chandelier instead of the existing overhead-lamp? (if you add a coffee-table, too, you won't walk into it ;)) and you sit there anyway, so it doesn't disturb your view.
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ps: love the room itself, great job! :)
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Bernard John
Check out (1 bath road cape town) to see my apartment block / surrounds; quite frankly, I think art from Africa is for the tourists. I'm looking for a modern and warm look. I was thinking of a 4 seater dining room table by the 'far wall'.
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I understand that you don't want to display a 1 m tall carved wooden giraffe, but what about local landscape or seascape paintings? Or modern art (portraits etc.) by local artists? Or photographs of non-cliched subjects? Such items can add the more personal feeling you're looking for.
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Bernard John
Hmmm...something to consider. Thanks
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Hi there - looked at your area - there are some amazing South African photographers. One of my favourites is pieter hugo - there is nothing corny about this type of art... (granted he is expensive now)
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Nice place, but I see your challenges. It looks like your entry is in the corner behind the love seat. That means the window wall is the main thing people see when they enter. Swap the LS & the chair. Move the sofa closer to the TV so that the front legs are on your rug. Imagine if you had 20 family & friends over at the same time. People could sit on the sofa & stand at the bar/ counter. The smaller back of the chair invites people into the conversation area. ASV gave you good advice re: making the room your own. This takes time if you haven't bee accumulating stuff! Tell us what you like: hobbies, sports, work, etc. I like the artwork you showed us. What is the other piece?
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Bernard John
I'm doing this as I work, so forgive me if i do not respond immediately.
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Don't worry, we consider ourselves lucky if we even get a response from some posters!!!
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I could also see a pub table/ game table working for you in that box bay window.
Odyssey Counter Height Pub Table · More Info

Emeric 3-Piece Set Pub Table, Expresso · More Info
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Bernard, how about some off-white... maybe very light, creamy, like Sherwin-Williams SW7676 (Paper Lantern), or --
SW6700 Daybreak - Sherwin-Williams · More Info
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Bernard John
Agreed - Stunning art (Pieter Hugo) and point taken but way outside my budget.
Here is a copy of my original floor plan: since consolidated both ‘bathrooms’ and enclosed balcony: the latter means that there is a long wall (line of sight) as you enter the front door .
The pub / game table will not work for me. I have included a pic of the other poster for Pattie.
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Bumping this but will also attack tomorrow
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Entry door & wall color & window wall:
Autumn Purple 2073-20 Paint · More Info

Or all walls:
Evening Hush, Behr · More Info

Hang the couple picture centered on the entry wall. You could also consider a very large mirror leaning against that wall to reflect the light from the windows.
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Hi Bernard, I came across your discussion while I was stalking Pattiegoode.... LOL. She's helping me on my own discussion and I was looking at her page. I was intrigued with the floor plan and was motivated to try to figure out the furniture placement from your floor plan and pics. I love your couple poster and came up with a slightly different furniture plan and small, romantic dining table idea. I like Pattie's suggestion of a mirror, and I thought maybe a demilune table on the entrance wall would be nice. If you don't like the dining table idea, maybe a small tete-a-tete area there instead (I found those interesting chairs and table). I thought switching the couches around would make the area a little more welcoming; people can still see out the window while standing in front of the couch, and if you pull it out from the wall a little (if there's room) people can go back there to admire the view. I'm not a designer or anything, just love this stuff--here's the floor plan. The rugs are just random in somewhat the color you have, not an attempt at a suggestion....
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Oh, and this is an example of drapes for corner windows like yours.... I think maybe something to match your accent color in some sort of print....
Gracie Towhomes · More Info
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Bernard John
Hi Vacox and Pattie. Thanks for the great ideas. You have also convinced me to get a new (bigger) rug. The purple / grey is interesting but I just can't see it happening in that space - perhaps a green or blue?
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If you're definitely getting a new rug, I'd shop for a rug, and then pull some colors from that, maybe. Paint can be made any color, but you're more limited in your rugs. Also you might find a rug you love that's different from your current idea of paint color. And with your neutral furniture, you can really go with any color.
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