Design Ideas for Improving the Curb Appeal of our New House
April 12, 2013
We've just bought this house. I wonder what color to paint the door to freshen up the exterior a little - white? bright red? maybe natural wood? I also wondered if painting the garage door would be desirable, again I was thinking of white as a contrast to go with the windows. This is our first house and I love modernist design - so ways to bring that out would be nice. It is a truss roof so I can't lit the ceilings on the upstairs, but am thinking of adding skylights - but only in the back. I guess I'll try to leave the front as is... Ideas would be very helpful!
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Global Home Improvement
Wow, such a large unique roof deserves a metal roof!
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Wow, Global Home, what a terrific suggestion. You win the houzz prize this week. Truly fabulous.
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Well, fortunately this roof is practically brand new (from 2011) so it would be rather wasteful to replace it.
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Global Home Improvement
Ok Kathryn, it was hard to tell from the image. Maybe a skylight leading into your living room would be a nice look and feature. As far as color I like the house. Maybe some darker Hardie Trim or Painted Wood around the windows would be nice.
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Well, removing that metal roof from the equation ,I like your house the way it is. Not a fan of sky lights on the front roof.

I take that back. When I saw this picture of the skylights in this room……

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Making the garage door contrast against the body color brings attention to it, which is not what you want to do. If you paint the garage door, go darker than the body color or keep it the same as the body color. You can paint the front door just about any bold color you want.

Red would be okay, but I think it tends to lend a more classic look -- rather than a contemporary one (not always). I like the idea of a rich goldenrod color. Natural wood or black would be other choices. Maybe even chartreuse for a funkier look.

Some general inspiration:

Contemporary Exterior

Cary Bernstein Architect Potrero House


Brettkelly Residence, Oakland, CA

OMT: To further help accent the front door, I would look into adding a tall urn with beautiful plantings in either a bold or dark color that relates to what you choose for the house and place it to the right of the sidewalk to the front door near-ish to the house.
Tuscan California Villa
Benjamin® 16" Sky Chief Porcelain Stem Mount Light
Modern Revival
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Thanks for the inspiration!
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Definitely need a bright color for the front door. Can hardly see it now. I also thing some tall bright pots filled with color will draw more attention to the front door. I like the aqua, lime green, or yellow as suggestions for the front door. Something bright since it is so shaded in that area.
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I don't think red front door is the answer for your house's style. I like the idea of yellow or aqua or lime as ijkrien suggested. When time to repaint the full house, I would go with a bit darker shade.

Happy Decorating!
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