How to arrange an L-shaped bedroom?
Marie Parks
April 12, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My husband and I bought our first house -- a 1950s ranch in Houston -- a year ago. We love the house but are facing a design dilemma. The previous owner knocked down the wall between two rooms to make them into one large L-shaped bedroom. It has one closet and no adjoined bathroom.

I tried sharing the space with my office, but I decided I preferred a separate room to work in, so now it's back to being one big, awkward bedroom that swallows the sparse furniture whole.

So should we maybe make a reading nook? A bedroom oasis complete with hammock? An in-the-room closet and vanity? Houzzers, I'm coming to you for inspiration and ideas! Help me transform this room from a glorified storage bin into a great place to retreat at the end of the day!

A few guidelines:
1. We don't have the budget to remodel the space or buy tons of new furniture.
2. We like contemporary style.
3. It's really hard to anchor anything into the plaster ceiling.
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I'd close off the right area for a closet or L shaped closet. Is there is any water near to have a bathroom, too? Those 2 things would be high on my priority list.
In the meantime while you are planning the perfect closet and maybe bath, you and hubby can sign up for flylady and de-clutter ;)
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The bedroom looks like it could use a bit more room ( somewhat narrow to length) vTake out little closet, take door entry back to the closet wall and create a deep closet at the same wall point across to the edge of the window.
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Declutter? Really:)
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Urban Ideas Inc.
I agree with Joan that the best way to proceed is by moving the closet to the other side of the room and enlarging existing bedroom to add more depth to it. However, you might not be interested on renovating you house. When you move walls, you run into a common problem related to floor patching. Wherever walls are, there is no hardwood underneath. When you demolish the existing closet and move bedroom entryway, you will have to deal with this issue.
Therefore, if reno is not in your near future, I'd suggest two things:
1. If you need more closet space you can always create some partition with movable screens. Nowadays they come in lovely patterns to coordinate with your design scheme or,
2. if you have enough storage already, why not create a reading/relaxing area in your bedroom with a chaise, a small side table, etc....I have a project in my page (Leah Home) that we did exactly that. We even added a wall of wardrobe for storage and used the rest of the space for relaxing.
Good luck,
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Marie Parks
Thanks all. Yeah, it's been a cluttered mess because we just don't know what to do with the space. It's now the holding area for all of the photos and decor that still needs to go up on the walls. Once we figure out what to do with the room, we'll happily get rid of the clutter that's plaguing us. :)

We have experienced some of what you're talking about, Laura, with the floor patching. When the previous owner removed the wall, it left a mess in the hardwood. That's part of why our bed is positioned where it is now so we can mask it.

At this point, our budget only allows us to arrange furniture -- and maybe add surprising furniture to the room to give it a fun purpose. I like the reading area idea. As you can tell we have lots of books, hah!
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well, working with what you have... I'd move the bed & night stands to where you have the wall of books (if it fits?). Then I'd use those bookshelves to make a wall to separate the closet area from the doorway. I'd also set up the chair to face the windows like a little sitting area. Again, it depends on measurements, but that would give you a dressing area w/ the closet; a sitting area with the bookshelves, and your bedroom area would be a little more private. Good luck!
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I am thinking along the lines of of what others have posted. Move your bed to the right of your entrance. You get to lie in bed and look out the window and also a window to your right as you lie in bed. Nice light.

If you cannot get new furniture, trying turning all your bookshelves on their side (hoping they are the same width) and run them around the far wall - and even the sides (my question is whether they fit nicely under the window). This will create a visual bookshelf that doesn't crowd your room so allows for open wall space above it. You can then put one reading chair near your closet (to sit in to read, or throw your clothes on when changing) and you will have an open sense of space.
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I see that the window goes into the space suggested for a closet - not practical if we follow your list anyway. However, if a large ikea wardrobe fits on the wall on each side of the window (as I'm sure it will) and you place storage ottomans alongside the window, you will have created a bit of a window seat feature that also provides closet storage. I would suggest the wardrobes with drawers below and doors above. Get all this in a medium wood finish and go for the slipcovered storage ottomans in white. Get the tallest ones that will fit in your room.

Then, in the nook that is left where your chair is now, add the sorts of things that make a high end closet look posh. A large framed (ikea!) full length mirror in the center of the remaining wall. A wire manniquin or valet stand for him. 3m command hooks all over the remaining walls to hold hats, scarves, purses, belts, his and hers accessories. On the short wall of the L opposite the new wardrobe, put your tall drawers (paint them a neutral gray green - like sw willow tree) and add a mirror above.

Paint the coffee table I see a charcoal gray and put it in front of the ottomans at the window. Hang a long curtain rod across the two windows behind your bed and extend it beyond the width of the windows. Hang curtain panels between the windows and outside the windows that you can easily close and open - tab backs are good for this - make sure you buy enough curtains to have 2x width of rod span for fullness when closed. shift your bed just away so they can close. A neutral gray-green that would look good next to the willow tree swatch would be best. Put the bookcases in the opposite corner where the low cube storage is now, and move that out of your room. Pull the chair over in the center of this reading area / the other side of the bed. Edit the bookcases - put like colored books together. Keep the instrument here / get a inexpensive music stand and clip some music to it.

Take the hampers and put them in the closet you do have so they are out of site.

Hang one large canvas art that you don't have to frame - buy it for a holiday together - see - hang it on the wall opposite the bed so you see it from there. Add a folded quilt across the bottom of your bed that picks up blue and celedon green. You can build this vision slowly - start with the wardrobes and ottomans and ,rearranging, then layer in the soft goods, art, etc.
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Marie Parks
Loving these ideas! Just the kind of creativity I'd expect from Houzzers! Thank you guys!
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You have three regular windows and a double window. I think three is enough so I suggest you eliminate the double window by draping or upholstering the entire wall so you can center your bed under the ceiling fan. In the niche you can add an armoire and allow for his and hers closets if someone's clothes could fit in the armoire. Hang a mirror between the two windows and put a dressing table and chair in front of it. This would look great upon entering the room. Line the remaining corner with the bookcases that are the same height and put a chaise, or two chairs and a table and lamp there for your reading area. Put your rug at that end of the room and on either side of the bed add a soft flokati to step onto when you arise. When budget allows, add a pair of drum chandys instead of the ceiling fans. You might try a matched pair with closed bottoms so you don't see bulbs from underneath, and one as a pendant and the other as a semi-flush mount.
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I absolutely love the butcher block countertop in the photo you linked for my kitchen reno idea. I have showed it to my husband already and he's in agreement with the look and warmth that it would add to our space. Keeping in mind, the warm deeper tone of the stain applied to the countertop, that tone would really pop nicely against the rich citrine green we're tossing around for wall color. Thanks so much for linking that pic for us to view! It is perfection!
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