Paint color help for lake/beach house
April 16, 2013
Would love some opinions on our new purchase!

The house is small, on a lake. I say lake/beach house because I'm truly a coastal girl. My current home reflects it...very neutral- BM elephant tusk, ICI Silver Streak, BM Kentucky Bluegrass.

So, I've always had this vision of my lake house. Thrifty. All in light colors, but bedrooms have a pop of color in each. We have 4 bedrooms and I've always visioned a pop of red, yellow, navy and green (primary) in each room. This has been my vision since I was in high school many moons ago. Now that I'm older and wiser, I'm having trouble with my neutral tendencies, seeing how to pull something like this off?

Can I do this? If so, how can I tie the family room and kitchen in? Again, I love neutral and I've loved that a pop of red and/or turquoise in the family room with a lot of textures. or would I need to incorporate onte of the primary colors into our family room/kitchen (which i'm not excited about since i seem to already have a vision). Maybe this is too all over the place and confusing, but I would love to hear a thought and/or pallet idea?
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Is no one answering me because my post is too long or because I have no photos. :(
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Ironwood Builders
Hi, Seems like the designers are all busy right now! Hopefully my post will bump you up and get you some attention...although it is late on the east coast! Photos do help!
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Photos but here you go - the way to do this successfully is to start with a great fabric that incorporates your vision. That needs to go in the public space - I'm thinking of this great print Zoom in on this so you can see the whole pattern, and read the repeat - this works to incorporate primary tones in a sophisticated way because it is leavened with a lot of white. That is how each room works - the primary and white, with graphic fabrics and small prints everywhere.

See this on an accent chair in your living room and consider building it with shades of denim blue and coastal painted plank walls. Blue and white should dominate here, and blue can work to leaven all the other primaries in different shades around the house. You could see this stripe going with it in the same space to layer the primary palette - like a slipcovered ottoman in the same room, or trim on white duck valances over the windows. So - in this room, you've set the color story for the house.

Now layer fabrics for the whole house - master bedroom should get the serenity of greens, See Green and white in a citrus tone, and throughout the room, layered greens from celadon to leaf in a block print quilt. White store bought grommet curtains trimmed with wide leaf green grograin ribbon. on pillows and duvet cover on white
Then, use lemonade for a guest room / girls room
In the kitchen, yellow and blue are classic - if you have blue gray walls there in the family spaces, add yellow tools, accessories, appliances, linens and art to the kitchen area.

Then, red and white for kid space / bunk room. Navy can creep back in here. You could use the original primary stripe in the kids bedroom too / in addition as welting, or slipcovering a chair. The great thing about this palette is that you can move things around and make all the rooms sing.

A simple color note - turquoise is really blue-green, and difficult to mix with all primaries, so this is a place where true blues are probably the right tones. If you want to add a touch of turquoise in one room with the citrus green and white, it can work, but overall, this goal will be more successful if you stick to the colors in these two fabrics and the lighter and darker shades of these hues.
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Hi ! Good morning from UK ! Sorry you felt that no one was answering - I was in bed ! As its now tomorrow here already !
If you keep a neutral colour as a base throughout your home you can easily give each room it's won personality with a pop of colour in the accessories and even in the art- also bu keeping the entire home in similar style you can change the furniture around too - keeps it all fresh and surprises visitors who will think you are always buying new things !! Keep a 'props' cupboard and change accessories with the seasons !!!
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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I get a bit paranoid to post anything at all and when I noticed all the "discussions" taking place after I posted, I thought I did something wrong. I agree- I have a vision of a kitchen that doesn't fare well with the rest of the house ideas. I'm planning to keep everything neutral on the walls, but will probably have to tie in a primary in the kitchen/family room area. I will post pictures at the end and probably will be seeking help again. Thx
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