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jchillisApril 18, 2013
Any suggestions for paint colors for this open floor plan. The new furniture is mocha.
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Beige walls with mocha furniture will warm up your space: [houzz=
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Thank you. The furniture (and everything else pictured) belongs to prior owner so I wanted a color that works with my furniture, the fireplace and existing wood paneling. The room receives alot of natural light so I may try that Northhampton colr mentioned. Thanks!
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chillis, congrats on your remodel. Great to have lots of natural light! Please post photos of your new space. :)
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Since some wood cladding has been painted around your kitchen, and has been left natural around the fireplace, and you have white painted cabinets and the mediterranean blue countertops, lets go looking for somethings that will work with both of them. You need a yellow undertone to work well with the wood and that could clash with your mocha - you need something to connect the kichen but not clash with the wood. You already basically have all the primary colors covered: red brick, blue countertop, yellow/gold wood. So you have two ways to go - either very cottagey or something more neutral and subtle.

I think a neutral green is your best bet - something warm to help your mocha couches - they are going to be a cool neutral and want to fight with your warm woods, but this will help them both look great - now the mocha will relate to the darker tones/ knots in the paneling. Test out (kind of a khaki that will be make your mocha look great)

or if you want to continue the primary color theme in a cottage way with white, then test this different tone a pretty, cottage-y green.

Whichever way you turn,, I'm going to suggest you continue that color onto the painted paneling and bulkheads above in the kitchen, to tie it all together. With the khaki tone, grassland, consider painting your cabinets in the next lighter shade to bring more calm into that space. With the cottage look and acanthus green, white makes sense. The first option is a bit more updated, the second more traditional.

Aqua tones like the teal blue would be great as an accessory color on the mocha with just a touch of red. Let's see if we can find some fabrics for accent pillows to help these elements pull together in color harmony. If you go for the neutral tones in the grassland approach, a little more sophisticated approach - here's a fabric that would make a great accent
if you like the clear toned cottage look better, this is the pillow fabric style that will bring all your primaries to heel -
Hope these fabrics and colors give you some ideas and vision for how to pull this together - congratulations on your new home.
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thank you so much for your comment. I was looking for a color that would compliment the fireplace and the woodwork. I hope to eventually change the blue countertops (but that will take some time). I like the greens you suggested (it is actually a ski lodge) and I think the greens you suggested fit very well.
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