Need help: revamp of quad area between security gate and front door.

katapiApril 20, 2013
Hi. I need help to revamp my quad area. (Photo taken from the front door towards security gate) You can see an ugly gate, as well as old see-through bricks. I need a change here for the inside of the quad, as well as the outside from the street view.
Also, what to do with the inside of the quad area? Grass? Tiles? Modern fountain? Plants? I don't have a clue.
I want to be able to make a change myself (DIY), without using contractors, as well as keeping costs low. Any suggestions?
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Mari O'Connor
I would power spray it, getting rid of the green scum. I would set it up with comfortable seating, using it as an outside patio. Granted, this looks like it's in Florida, where one can sit outside for about 1 month of the year without being too hot or too wet. Maybe paint the see-through bricks a fun color (red, blue, green??) to add some color and fun to the spot. Try to tie in the color with the new furniture or from colors on the house.
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I think you should clean the brick with Muriatic acid. See:

I would paint the gate a shinny bold blue and add colorful pots of annuals.
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A small ornate iron table and chairs would make this a great place to have a drink:
Lake Home Exterior · More Info

I think the see through bricks are very much in keeping with the style and would not change them other than cleaning them.
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great ideas from houssaon. Some colorful pots and flowers would add some life to this space.
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What a great space to work with! I think you can make it really charming.

I would love to see black iron in that space. So the security door could be painted black, and buy a black iron table and chairs -- maybe a lounger if there is room. Black light fixture and house numbers. Pick a "theme" for all the plant pots and stick to it. Terracotta is the easiest choice and probably what I would choose to help integrate the see through brick feature. And go large with the pots & NO plastic. Maybe buy a few plant stands (in black iron of course) so that you can group plants together and have some higher then the others.

And if you want a punch of color, do it with your chair cushions, pillows, and outdoor tableware.

I would leave the terracotta see through bricks as is for now -- I think they are going to look much better when you have a cohesive theme working in the area. But if budget allows later, you could replace them with some kind of black iron decorative (and functonal) railings.
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The easiest thing that would give an immediate impact is to pressure wash your brick. Then purchase 5 or 7 or more large pots and add different colors and kinds of folliage. Place them in groups near gate entrance and around. You could include vines that would cover the whole gate area rather quickly. Luckily, your area is small so you can easily have a very lovely area. Of course, replacing your gate with a wrought iron would add class. You could paint the white a brick color but I'd want to see how the clean pressure washed brick looks first. Get big planters either in terra cotta or go for tropical colors bright blue and turquoise. Vary the heights of the planters Include plants like bamboo, tall grasses, and in the tall pots use trailing vines. Add bougainvillea and mandevilla in yellows and pinks. Wow, looks good already!
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I'm with ^ Brenda. Black wrought iron outdoor setting, paint the security gate black, you could paint the see through bricks black too. Then lots plants of different heights with a great fragrance. They can be in pots or planters. Having some fairy lights at night would be sweet. I'd happily read the paper in this secret little garden!
Blackwell · More Info
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Forgot the pictures...
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Also build yourself a couch with pallets and have some foam cushions made for it, then you can sit out there with your lemonade and a good book. This after you paint the gate black ok.
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Greenblott Landscape & Interiors
If your threshold heights work for door access, try a layer of DG (decomposed granite)...will change the look & feel of your space completely.
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I don't think the gate is ugly. And the see thru bricks would not be so noticeable if they were painted to match the wall.

Looks like a great spot to relax in.
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The gate could look great painted black and with the addition of a black painted panel attached to the centre of it - maybe something with the wrought iron look or alternatively something that increases the privacy. I think the big opening of the gate conflicts with the courtyard feel of the space. I hope you put up after pictures as it will be a lovely area.
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If you really would like more privacy, changing door to a wooden one (local artisan!) would be great.
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