What do I do with this room??

daggarfinnApril 21, 2013
I don't know what too add to this room. We hang out here all the time, but I'd like it to be more cozy. I also want color (blue is my favorite), but I don't know what to add? Please help!
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I don't see a TV, so I assume you don't watch while "hanging out." When you have a FP then it is your focal point, so the furniture placement needs to take that into account. If you do have TV, none of what I'm suggesting will work, so post more pictures. I would remove the tree and the slender art that are flanking the FP as they are not adding coziness to the space. Move the two leather chairs to be perpendicular with the left side of the FP, across from the sofa with a round side table between them. You can leave the sofa where it is. I would have suggested floating it in the center facing the FP but the back of it seems very high and It will really block up the room. All three seating pieces need a minimum of all their front feet on a colorful large area rug. Homedecorators.com is having a rug sale right now. I suggest you shop for rugs by color and find a blue on you love. That will set the color palette for your space. You need a nice big piece of art behind the sofa and hung about 5" above the back of it. A glass and metal coffee table would be my thought to add some different surfaces and a bit of metallic. Place it 18" from the sofa. I think the biggest issue is the pink undertone of your carpet is in conflict with the yellow undertone of your paint. Paint is cheap, so it will remedy this issue. Find a neutral color from your rug to paint the walls. Bright, interesting art on each side of the FP will lighten that end of the room, as will your new paint. Sprinkle the blue from the rug around in pillows, throws, accessories. I would consider stationary drapery panels in a simple linen or a chocolate or blue pattern once you've got the rest of the room in place.
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Yes, why are you ignoring the fireplace?
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Ok! Rookie mistake! I only posted one shot of the room, so sorry. I've attached a couple more shots. I definitely want to change the room color, lose the tree & probably need some type of coffee table? Thanks again for help! I've including a pic of the giant TV, so that has to be considered.
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Osirius Designs
You could try switching the TV and the Tree. Then move one of the recliners over to where the TV was and tree now is along with the side table closest to kitchen. Move the other recliner away from fireplace adjust sofa. Replace dark framed mirror with lighter. Add and area rug with a little blue and and plop down a long modern mid century danish wood coffee table. And add some large artwork above sofa. Just some easy ideas. Cheers
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It's a Beautiful World!
As others suggested, adding art you enjoy will bring character and interest to your room. Since you've mentioned you like blue, you can check out our artwork in various shades of blue. And we have more art and color ideas on our Houzz page. Enjoy and good luck decorating!... Raisahttp://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/8111267/thumbs/Blue-artwork
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Holly Anderson Fine Art
Raisa is right, feel free to check out my art page for some inspiration...BLUE is my favorite as well and I incorporate it in a lot of my neutral paintings. I also do custom work !

Here's a neutral piece with some soothing blue ( it's on sale too ) have fun with your project!!

Project: Original Contemporary Abstract Painting for Modern Spaces "ISLANDS OF REASON" · See Project
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I like the idea of moving the TV, and one recliner. I also will definitely check out the artwork as two of you have suggested. Finally, I have another place for the mirror in another room. It never occurred to me that the darkness of it was not right for the room, but now I see it. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions!
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CDR Design
Daggarfin.....a great room with a lot of potential. I don't like a tv on the same wall with a fireplace, since it competes with the fireplace. In this case, the tv is also much too large to go on the same wall with the fireplace.

Here is a design that gives credence to the fireplace, tv and windows:

Please place the tv on the wall where the couch now sits.

Place the 2 chairs on the window wall, at 45 degree angles, but bring it out from the windows, so that people can walk behind them and use the doors.

Place the couch directly across from the fireplace (facing the fireplace).

Get a nice big round coffee table to place in your new configuaration. (Will repeat the round mirror and will fit the configuration with the chairs 45 degreed.

The fireplace could be accented with some warm blue ceramic pieces.

Say adios to the tree and flank the fireplace with 2 complementary art pieces with blue accents.
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Virtus Design
Agree with the suggestions to add artwork with hints of your favorite color blue, an area rug and maybe a coffee table to fill the huge space in the middle of the room.
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The TV against the long wall opposite the windows would be my idea too. The sofa facing fireplace and two chairs in front of the windows, with enough space to comfortably walk around them.

A much longer TV console will look better if you place it at that wall.

A good sized coffee table and it will look much more cozy already.

And if you then feel it needs more, you can think about art and pillows to bring in some more interest and personality. But getting the arrangement right is the most important thing.

Good luck.
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Thanks cdrdesigns & carolins- I will bring out the furniture slides & give it a try!
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CDR Design
Great! Would love to see when the furniture is rearranged and we can help you tweak it, if you would like.

Question: is the wall of windows bayed or is that just an illusion in the photos?
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The wall of windows are not bayed, just an illusion. I will most definitely post pics when I make changes, and welcome all the advice! Thanks again!
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CDR Design
Thank you. As Carolins said, you have to do the basics first: think about it like getting dressed: you put on a nice outfit/then you add jewelry.
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I like these ideas, however, I'm wondering if the abundance of windows directly across from the TV would pose a problem? I love to have my shades pulled and let the natural light come in.
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CDR Design
With all of the windows, no matter where you place the tv, light will be a problem at some time of day. There are blinds on the windows.
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move the furniture as suggested above and see if you are happy with the TV. You can close the blind closer to the TV if the light becomes a problem
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