Help choosing color scheme for brick colonial

shmegenhardtApril 21, 2013
I would like to use these colors for the trim and molding but am not sure which color goes where- I'm not even sure they are appropriate! I also need help with the garage!! Thanks!
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I can't quite tell from your question which colors you are referring to. The colors currently in the photos or something else. Could you clarify?
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It seems that I am not allowed to show a picture taken from the brochure- the colors are Benjamin Moore jute AF-80,blue echo AF-505 and flint AF-560. I'll try to gather images from Internet. But short of that, can you advise how to paint the garage? Would the light color go on the body of the garage and the accent color on the trim?
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Here are a couple of pictures of the back of the house
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These are the colors as they appear on my screen- not exact- but close.
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I can see how this is confusing- the pictures of the brick house are all pictures of my house as it is now, the colors are all the same three colors taken from different media. Does that help?
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So are you asking whether you should paint your house trim, shutters and garage the same colors as they are now? Or are you looking to change them? The color samples look so much like what is on the house now that I can't quite tell.

We have a brick Georgian Colonial from the late 1920's that we've used a ivory color for the trim and the garage, with a dark charcoal gray for the shutters. It's a good, traditional combination with brick, but it looks like you are leaning more toward gray blues and putty colors, yes?
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Hi feeny, The I like the ivory/charcoal combination, I was looking to change what we currently have (it is hard to tell from the pictures- but what is on there now is a much darker putty than the jute color I was thinking about using) - I particularly like the blue/grey color - I was thinking of using that on the windows- I have seen some brick homes use a bluish greenish grey color successfully. My question (that I have been wildly unsuccessful at posing :) is what color goes where? If you look at the picture of the front of the house, you will see that there is oportunity over the entrance for some detailing. Also, what color should I use on the garage? My husband would like to paint the body the dark color - if we do that, what color should the trim and doors be (from the three I have posted)? PS: our house is also from the late 20's!
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Okay, I think I've got it now. I'm not an expert, just a homeowner with lots of experience making design decisions, especially with houses from this era, so consider my advice with that caveat in mind. I would use the lightest color (the Jute) on all the trim. If it were my garage I would paint it the lightest color too, but if your husband wants to go dark instead then I would paint it the "Flint" rather than the "Blue Echo" and use the "Jute" for any trim on the garage. Personally I'd use the "Flint" on your shutters as well, but I'm not as big a fan of blue-tones on shutters as you might be. I might, however, be tempted to paint your door in the "Blue Echo," and if you want to do some small detailing work in the front, the "Blue Echo" might work for that too. You can probably tell that I like the Jute and Flint colors and I'm a bit wary of the Blue Echo. In that last photo it looks too blue to me. In the "round" sample it looks a bit greener, almost teal, which I prefer. But the fact that it shows up such different shades in possibly different lights would make me cautious, and I'd encourage trying a sample first before committing to using it on any extensive part of the paint job.
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that's good advice, thanks! That was sort of where I was leaning - and I know what you mean about the blue. I don't like it as it appears from my phone- way too blue. But I do like it on the round sample. - I'm looking for a blue/grey/sagey color- not TOO convoluted, huh? I will def sample first!
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