New home: seeking "cooler" palette
Sarah LynnApril 21, 2013
We are purchasing this home and I am dead-set on painting before the move (we're wide open as far as furniture goes, the couches are there for reference as we'll be getting a brown leather sectional). I'm trying to narrow down a clear palette; I want to get rid of the BORING builder's tan and give the walls a cooler, more modern feel (possibly gray/greige/charcoal) but I'm not sure what our limitations are. Nothing is changing (tile/cabinets/backsplash/carpet) except the stairs- balusters will be updated to wrought iron in place of the white wood. So... based on what you see, would my gray/greige/charcoal work in this house?
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Yes it would work since the granite is black but make sure there is more of a blue tint vs a yellow tint.
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Don't box yourself in. Paint is the easiest part of your room to change and match with everything else - save it for last. You can't control much of the color in off-the-shelf items, but you can get paint custom blended to work with the things that are unchangeable. Also, don't hem yourself in with a brown leather sectional when you are already favoring gray as your palette.IMO black and brown leather seating is one of the most limiting purchases homeowners make, and then they come to HOUZZ asking what's wrong with their space. Greige, however, can work with it. Search HOUZZ ro brown leather sectional and start an ideabook to help you make good decisions. Ideabook: Going Greige: Tips for Choosing This All-Around Neutral Ideabook: Cooking With Color: When to Use Gray in the Kitchen
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Sarah Lynn
Thanks, all!! I really appreciate the feedback and will definitely check out your suggestions... @decoenthusiaste, great points, I'm all for getting out of the box! Going to do a lot more research and work on getting my better half to at least give it a chance. I assumed he'd let me take care of all the design work but he's had his own opinions for some reason :)
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Sarah Lynn
Question: the carpet (see stairs) is a cream/yellow. While it wouldn't be our first choice it's fairly new so we won't be replacing any time soon, I'm hoping that doesn't clash with the greige in the living room if it is more of a bluish tint than yellow... ?
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Lori Oertli
I just found a fabulous color for our home office. It's anew gray by Sw. It's the perfect mix of beige and grey in my opinion. I wish I needed to paint my entire interior right now!
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LB Interiors
I'm a bit tired of gray walls. Everyone is doing them and can seem a bit colder unless they are warm grays. Just my opinion. Agree with painting last as you probably have fabrics and accessories that you will not be changing? I think I would start with fabric upholstered sofas and chairs. Something that works with the floors and granite.

I'm leaning toward richer more saturated colors in the creamy yellow/orange based palettes. They are warm and inviting. Your home is spacious with large walls, it can handle more saturated color. Wait until you decide on fabrics or begin with drapery or maybe area carpets. That will lead you into choosing a wall color. I like warm grays and will work also. Gray still works with these carpet inspirations.

Color combos inspiration:
Carpets and Rugs 1
Carpets and Rugs 2
Carpets and Rugs 3
Multi Circles
Rugs 1
Rugs 2
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My advice is don't go with a sectional sofa. Most of the Design Dilemas are from people with sectional sofas. They're very limiting.
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Sarah Lynn
Thanks! Great advice, and I love your rugs (esp 1,2,5)... I was reading that greige walls could be a good color in warmer climates. We live in Houston, Texas (home of the yearlong summer) so I think that's why I'm leaning toward cooling the walls down. With the right combination of warm accents maybe a combination could really offer good balance!
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Sarah Lynn
@leelee, good point. I'm starting to lean away from the idea myself, especially since the living room is not a perfect rectangle shape. My poor husband is tall with knee problems and needs a couch he can stretch out on (and I don't want to have to banish him to the gameroom). I guess another dilemma is finding comfortable furniture that's large enough to be comfortable BUT not too large for the space.
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LB Interiors
Thanks Sarah. #1 rug has blue in it, maybe walls in blue grays and soft to mid tone. #5 has gray green for walls? Those are cooler colors.
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Creative Interiors by Kim
I couldn't agree more with decoenthusiaste, whenever possible I recommend that my clients select most of the key elements in the room and pull the paint color from those pieces.... it could start with the rug. Its so much easier to match a paint to fabrics or area rug then to do the opposite. That being said, I'm surprised that nobody is talking about the tile flooring, deep rich earth tones in that tile and it runs throughout the space. Whatever paint color you choose has to work with that tile..... You should consider looking for a color consultant in your area, typically for as little as $100-$150 you can hire someone to help you make the right choice, in person... many interior designers offer this service. Money well spent.
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LB Interiors
Thanks 'Creative' and 'decoenthusiaste'. I agree. I suggested the same also and also mentioned the tile too.
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Creative Interiors by Kim
Sorry LB, yes you did have similar suggestions! And some of the carpet choices would look great with the tile flooring.... the perfect starting point!
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LB Interiors
No problem, I wasn't angry just agreeing.
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Cabinets 4U, Inc.
Here is an article I wrote, with suggestions about how to choose a color palette: I hope it helps!
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