Need help decorating new apartment
April 22, 2013
Hi everyone,
I just moved into a beautiful new empty apartment and I don't know where to begin! Especially choosing a bed and where to place it. And what color couch!
I like creams, champagnes, blush and all those light soft colors, but adding random edgy pieces around. Should my sofa be a bright pop color and the rest light? What is easier? Also for my bed, the room is awkwardly shaped as I don't have one full wall. With the high ceilings.. What sort of bed should I get? Headboard? Height? I am open to all suggestions and willing to try new things. ( I am on a budget though)

I will attach a photo of the livingroom and bedroom. ( the one with the glass doors is the bedroom. There is a sliding door between the bedroom and livingroom)

Hope someone can help!!!

Thanks a lot
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Yolanda Ruiz
You can addt furniture with classic shapes and modern finishing (fabric and laquered), but try to follow a definied style with small details that attract attention just not to look boring. You have to be careful, eclecticism is not easy to do well.
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Thanks! I do want something that isn't too complicate.

What can I work with if I were to put a Persian carpet in the livingroom?
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Sorry I meant bedroom
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Yolanda Ruiz
If I am not wrong, in the bedroom you are conditioned by the leaded glass of doors and windows, in a style that reminds us "art deco" or "geometric modernism", so here you already have well defined color and shapes that won't fit a traditional Persian carpet, but you can always choose another carpet more unnoticed.
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This is almost like a Rennie Mackintosh design which is a very elegant style
Here some ideas for colours and furniture which would echo what you have and still allow you the simplicity of simple black lines with pops of colour
Basically furniture with lots of grid lines and mainly black and white and cream

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Yolanda Ruiz
Of course, Mackintosh is also for me the best furniture designer of geometric modernism (art nouveau, modern the same), but unless you really really like it I don't think that following this style is the best for you. You can fall in the mistake of creating an environment of the eighties (because of lines and colors). I'd rather choose a classic style were I'd add some touches of vivid colors.
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your apartment reminds me of Dutch homes in Amsterdam, The Hague... Very nice!

Would you have space enough in the bedroom to put the bed not against a wall, but freestanding? Perhaps with a bookcase or closets to act as a 'headboard'? So that you create a walk-in closet behind the bed.

I wouldn't let the architecture of the apartment, or the style of the windows influence your furnishings too much. You can take your colour cues from the leaded windows, that would tie in nicely.
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