Blah! Neutral two story fireplace wall flanked by windows
Paula AliersApril 22, 2013
Help! I need suggestions. Our two story wall above the fireplace looks unfinished. The mirror may look tiny but it isn't, it is 3 feet X 5 feet and HEAVY. I think the wall needs decoration, curtains, architectural detail or something added. Right now, Its very vanilla.
Curtains? maybe floor to ceiling only on the far sides? I would never close them, just to add some color.
Wood? maybe add more white wood and trim to carry the fireplace all the way up the wall.
I like my mirror and don't want to get rid of it. Once I put it up there, it seemed so short. I think if I raised it there would still be so much emptiness above. What to do?
Plus in the pictures I included the side wall which is even more vast emptiness.
Right now the wall seems so blah. I sit in the room and I am so disappointed in what I've done with it.
The room has a brown leather couch and chair, and tan chair with brown writing. a thick beautiful brown and cream rug, and some little red accents and some red on pillows.
Please help me fix this coffee and vanilla latte room!
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Don't tinker with trim. If you want more of the wall covered, consider hanging a beautiful vertical Persian rug or other artistic wall hanging over the mantel:
Scenic Drive Project
Morning Room
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I do not undestand why builders do windows like that.
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Paula Aliers
I know! I wish they would have put floor to ceiling windows. There is so much space between the top and bottom windows, they look so odd up there. -Plus they open but who's going to climb up there to get fresh air? ha ha
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Lots of people are closing the upper portion of these two-story rooms and gaining a media room. Your windows are perfect for doing that, and you're already paying for the utilities. Otherwise, replace the upper windows with solid or stained glass - the fact that they are just standard windows makes the whole attempt look silly. As far as your mirror goes, replace the ceiling fan with a stunning chandelier that drops low enough to reflect in your mirror. A chunkier pair of candlesticks to one side and a piece of something sculptural or a large vase/urn on the other side should be plenty, especially if you do the chandy. Keep in mind that life happens in the first 8 feet of a room - don't get too stressed out.
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Punch List
I would suggest a stark contrasting color such as red. It will definitely stand out against the light colored wall.
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Punch List
I also think these style curtains for a two story window is great! (Also check out the chandelier in the mirror) I totally agree with decoenthusiaste!
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