I just bought a Hud home
deutsche001April 23, 2013
I just bought a Hud home; as is and now I am completely overwhelmed with all the work. I was thinking to just paint all the walls the same color and lay tile floor throughout the house. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I really like the look of stained floors, but the floors in the house are painted.
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My parents bought a HUD home when I was a pre-teen and I remembered how much work it was for them but it was their first home and we all loved the work meant. It was easier for them to just paint everything the same neutral color and after being in the home a while they were able to figure out what colors worked best for each room based on furniture and use of the room. Also, they re-carpeted the entire house and that really made a difference. I realize carpet isn't as in as it once was but I think you should consider doing all of the rooms like this with the exception of the kitchen and maybe the main living area. Tile floor throughout still means you'll need to have rugs to soften up the rooms, as well as control noise and that is just another expense. I think are some really nice carpets out there that could look great in the home. Good luck and congrats on your new home!
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Congratulations on the house! Is this going to be your home, or an investment?

You do have a lot of work ahead of you, but it appears to be mostly cosmetic, not structural. The red really needs to go! Definitely paint everything after stripping any wallpaper down.

You know, I saw a house where the owners had painted a wooden floor because the wood had new parts and it didn't match. It looked great! they used a grey and had warm white walls.

I am not a fan, (no pun intended!) of ceiling fans. These beauties are no exception. I would replace them with new fixtures.

If you don't like the kitchen cabinets and they are in good condition, you can paint them as well.

It's hard to know where to start isn't it? But a nice clean start by painting everything will allow you to see what to do next.
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Are the painted floors damaged? If it, I would attempt to refinish wherever you can. I would seriously reconsider the tile. It's hard and cold and could be more expensive than carpet or the aforementioned repainting of the floors. Congratulations on your new home. Take your time and spend your time and resources wisely.
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Congratulations on your new home. I'd prefer carpet over tile in the living room and bedrooms. Kitchen and baths are good places for tile. Sheet vinyl is easier to clean than tile grout.

I agree a single paint color over everything will give you a good start. There are lots of nice whites and off whites. Easiest to choose paint that goes well with the cabinet finish, then choose the flooring. I can't tell if the cabinets are in good shape, but it looks like a good layout.

Changing the lighting will make a huge difference.

Keep us posted on progress as you go.
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Painting the floor also saves you the expense and labor of doing tile. And besides, you can always buy an area rug that will make you not even noitce the painted part of the floor as much. I would never do wall to wall personally. You have too much $ invested in it and it locks you into the color for a long time, even after you see it get old and mashed down, people still feel they have to keep it because they paid so much for it.
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You have a great space to work with! Don't be overwhelmed by necessary cosmetic changes......just take it one room at a time after you decide on flooring. If you have wood flooring that is painted, I would consider having them sanded down and refinished! It really is a nice home!
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Nancy Walton
You didn't say what your subfloor is, but if you have a cellar or crawlspace, the floor joists may not be substantial enough to support tile floors, i.e. too small, not close enough together, not braced properly. I would steer clear of tile, unless you are on a slab or know for sure the structure will support tile.
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Your first photo posted, transformed for neutral, updated, and ready for personal touches......
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We bought one 2 years ago! What a ride!

I agree with painting the floors; it will be your cheapest option, and it will look nice. I'd do a cream our a grey...

The kitchen looks good from the pic...I'd leave any changes in it until last!
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