bathroom upgrade. Can't decide on design for vanity.
April 23, 2013
Water damage redo with some upgrades. Old sink was on left (42"vanity). Moving it to the right & dry area to the left. Will be 68"w with offset sink on right. Need sink side to be a shorter depth, due to a wall across from that section. Using a custom cabinet co. Should I have it angled in to accomplish this? Definately want rounded corners on countertop. Trying to get good traffic flow (which I never had in old set-up! Also need more light in room and nice hair care center between sink & vanity area. Toilet will be in corner, to right of sink.
Posting pics of current condition.
Any ideas welcome! Thanks
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Design Freedom, inc.
floorplan sketch with measurements of each wall would help a lot! how many people use this bathroom in the morning? young, old, in-between?

is there a roof directly above? perhaps a light tunnel for natural light. we also recommend a separate ceiling light in the shower, and wall lights at eye level on either side of the mirror. the exhaust fan could have a nightlight feature, too.
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Sorry, working on a sketch. Wall behind vanity & toilet is 8'7". only 3'11" between that wall and shower wall (in front of sink/toilet area).

8' ceiling & hope to add a window in corner of toilet area, for natural light & air. Was wondering about a light tunnel. Have a low sloped roof line which is very short attic, in this area.

Shower does have a ceiling light, used to be closet. Also have a light above main entrance of room. (pic is looking through door entering room, light above)

Only 2 of us, mid 50s. never have a need for 2 at the sink at once. I have always wanted a nice make up , hair care DRY area.

I like the idea of eye level lights on either side of mirror. Since space is small, would it be too much to put 3? Placing 3rd one in between sink & vanity, for better light for make up? I also like the idea of one large mirror to reflect light, just wonder if it will eat up space for shelving or medicine cab storage.
(I will have a floor to ceiling shelf for towels on another wall)

Thank you for your ideas! I hope to post a sketch soon.
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Finally drew up a rough drawing for you to see. The shower used to be most of, the closet. Hired a contractor to build & tile it. It is finished, except for door.

Opening up a doorway through load bearing wall, into current dining rm for new closet space.

Trying to design either a left, offset sink or corner sink. I do need hidden storage on right to house electric hair appliances. Would like to keep that right side shallow for traffic flow , around the shower corner.

Also would love any ideas for custom closet! It's an odd space.

Appreciate any ideas. Only style I don't like is ultra modern.
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Design Freedom, inc.
are you sure you have at least 21 inches from the front of the toilet seat to the opposite (shower) wall for knee space?
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Hmmm, My drawing is probably a little off on the graph paper. I have a book that said 18" was the minimum. Is that the standard? I'm sure we have , at least , that much.

We moved the toilet plumbing over a couple of feet. It's about the same distance we had before. The wall in front of it is original. The shower used to be where the toilet is now, 3'x4'.
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This style of vanity might work for you... angles in and becomes narrower on the right. It's also a floating vanity, which gives the illusion of more space in the room.
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Wow, that is really different! I thought I had looked at everything. Where did you find it?
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This was a Sketchup component, I think Duravit makes something similar. Here's a top view of the model I made with it, you can see how it optimizes the space:
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I changed this to fit the dimensions of your room, it could look like this:
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well the bath reno is almost finished. here's some pics of progress...still need finishing touches but very happy with how it's turning out!
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Beautiful remodeling. We are remodeling and trying to decide in one or two sinks for the master bath... My mom things replacing one if the sink space for make up dry area would be very practical where as the designer we used thinks having two sinks have a great resale value... How do you like the one sink and dry area?
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Thank you. it's my dream come true! The tower on the right holds my hair appliances & products. I love having a dry area. I never have to dry off the sink before plugging in my hair dryer. It's maximum efficiency for getting ready quickly. Plug-ins are also in cabinet. I could see having 2 sinks if you both work & need to use them at the same time. I only brush teeth & wash face, takes 3 minutes, then he uses that area while I move over to mine. He needs sink much longer to shave. I am very happy with it.
We hope to stay here forever (27 yrs so far) so are building the way we want it. Guess that could be a deciding factor also, if you move often.
Good luck with your project. Don't get talked into something you will regret every day. I believe It's what women really want for their space, when space is limited. Besides it's less sinks to clean, when you don't have a maid.
Let me know what you decide. Have fun!
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Thank you for the reply! can't wait to see the rest of your finished renovation!
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