Tile or Laminate wood in a great room?
Courtney Leigh
April 24, 2013
Building a house and can not decide which to go with....in regards to upkeep
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Amy Carpenter Interior Design
Whenever possible I always suggest going with natural materials such as wood. It does require some upkeep such as dusting/sweeping two to three times a week depending on your lifestyle. For example, if your home is high traffic then three times a week vs if it's just you or you plus one then you might get away with once or twice a week. You need to make sure any of your high heels aren't worn at the heel and that if you wear tennis shoes or boots that they don't have rocks in the treads.

If you have a dog(s) then you might want to consider laminate. I have three dogs (Weimaraners) and while I would have loved to installed wood in our home that was just not realistic for me. Laminates have come a long way and not look more like real wood than ever. They are easy to clean and don't require as much care as wood. They are much more forgiving if you drop something on them. I was in a home prior to the one I have now that had laminate floors and it was wonderfully easy to take care of and clean. I didn't like the echo sound it made, or the look vs real wood however with a busy lifestyle it was great.

Bottom line is it's lifestyle. If you are busy, have young kids, and/or dogs I would suggest laminate. If your live is a bit more settled then wood should be fine. Congratulations on your new home and wish you the best of luck with your project!
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Courtney Leigh
real wood is not in my budget and i do have kids and a dog, so we are leaning towards laminate...thanks for your advice!
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Since it is for a great room, I'd go with the laminate. Tile tends to be cold..unless you use radiant heat. I'm assuming that you are considering tile because of low maintenance. So, an option would be to go with porcelain tile that looks like hardwood.
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