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April 25, 2013
who have experience with solar panals on the roof and who also have knowledge of large queen palms. My question for a landscaper or people who install solar panals is this............... If you have solar panals on the roof of a house facing west and you also have queen palms that are about 12 to 14 feet away, would you expect that based on these trees growing to a maximum height of 40-50 feet, that they will interfere with the solar panals ability to recieve sunlight? So you have the panals on the same side of the house as the trees and they are only separated by a small pool just to be clear. The sun sets on this side of the house. For anyone who is an expert or has had direct experience in this matter, please respond. thx
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
Hi, I am in Florida and have some experience with solar. Are the panels to heat the pool or for household hot water? If it's to heat the pool, you really only extend the seasonal use of the pool by one month on each end of the seasons, and that would be if you used a pool cover, which is dangerous in my opinion.
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Well yes I use a pool cover and the pool is heated with the solar too. I use it may til oct. why would you say a pool cover is dangerous? I have used it 3 years and its great. But the issue is about the trees interfering with the solar panals. They do have a law here concerning this matter but I found out yesterday from a company that installs solar panals that it may only pertain to trees that are currently tall enough to shade the solar, not trees that will at maturity be creating the shade. Anyway I am in a battle with the hoa to get these homeowners to remove the trees for a number of reasons. Maybe some of you have similiar experiences with or without hoa's. The neighbors dont care what I ask or think or feel. I am angry that I took so much time to find a house that was private and quiet and no obstructed view of the sunset and it has roses along the fence and the solar heated lap pool, and apearently people are able to change your property and your environment and all you worked hard to create by planting trees on their side of a shared fence and raising their ground level by 4 feet( which was 4 feet lower than mine when I bought the house and this created more privacy for me), and they put a fire pit right behind my fence and they play loud music and party right behind my fence. The situation is obviously very upsetting to me. They have 13,000 sq feet of land and I have 6,500 but the way its situated, all their land is in this backyard along with a huge pool and for me I have a very small narrow back yard all pool and concrete except for a 14 INCH strip of planting space next to this fence and in that area all I can fit and currently have is rose bushes that have grown to 6 feet. Granted that in the cornors of my property I have a bit more dirt and the existing landscaping when I bought the house includes 4 palm trees, but these trees are not over anyones pool ( including mine) and not interfering with anyones solar( including mine). In addition I have 24 INCHES of pavement around my pool to walk and have to constantly trim my bushed back so the trees these people planted which are on the back of this fence will as they grow interfere with my pathway and also shade my pool with the fronds. I am trying to find evidence and laws and have several letters from my pool guy and realtor and gardener to support these facts but the hoa is not doing much ( finally after 5 months they made these people submit a archtechural approval form which they were supposed to have done prior to all this massive landscaping and now they tell me they have another 90 days to decide what will be done. Should I take the homeowners and the hoa to court now or wait 3 more months and do it then if the hoa fails to take action? what other ideas or laws might anyone be aware of to help me in winning this battle. All I see now when I look out my kitchen window and walk in my front door ( very open floor plan) is this palm tree thats 12 feet outside my kitchen window. They wont let me build a higher fence ( 6 feet now). I cant fit anything in these 14 inches more than a 5 gallon plant and even if i plant more roses or a vine they will be shaded by these palms these people put up. I feel helpless and angry. Is this how it works? People can ruin your property and all you care about by doing whatever they want on their side of a shared fence? This seems really wrong.
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You can't force a neighbor to remove a tree. All you can do is trim that tree back to the property line without their permission.
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more pics
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I have since removed the pygmy palms on my side of the fence that you see in the first picture because this walkway around the pool is sooooooooooo narrow that the trees planted there 8 years ago are taking over that path and it was impossible just to walk around the pool. with sure a small amount of planting space I can only fit in roses or a vine or other small plants. I would like to create some panals with wood and fabric to put in some of these now empty spaces on the fence but the hoa wont let me put up such things over 6 feet in height but it seems that the neighbors can plant queen palms that will tower up to 40-50 feet in the future. There are 8 trees they put in and 2 are directly behind my can see in the picture above. The others are along the fence further down.
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I have had two sets of neighbors from hell before! There is nothing as irritating to me. I would check about the noise ordinances in your area and start from there. As for the trees, I think they look beautiful and I'll bet you won't succeed in getting them removed. They probably do help the noise if only in a small way. The fence is very nice and your pool and yard looks lovely. If you can't resolve this amicably I think your best bet is to sell and move unfortunately. Next time try and avoid neighbor noise as best as possible. Look for lakefront, conservation or some other way to eliminate close neighbors. I wish you the best of luck and happiness as you proceed.
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Thank you for your comment.
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