I'm tired of this look and want to update

susieloApril 26, 2013
I have an "old world" style house with lots of this wood, iron work and stone.

Do any of you have ideas on how to lighten it up?

I was thinking paint the walls lighter, paint some of the wood the wall color, glaze the cabinets....get new furniture?
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That's a pretty kitchen. You can change to a lighter look by having the cabinets and counter supports painted and glazed in a neutral color. It would look like a new kitchen. The dark countertops would then work as a nice contrast to the light cabinets. You don't want everything to be the same color, and your stone on the island is very pretty.
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I think I would start by getting rid of the stone on the backside of the bar, and then see where that takes you.
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I agree that I would start by changing out the stone on the bar. If you get rid of the corbels, that may help too. It's a beautiful kitchen, though!
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Switch out all of the iron (chairs, ceiling light, ceiling fixture?, accessories on counters and top of cabinets. Painting the cabinets would definitely lighten your space, possibly a chalk paint or something whitewashy looking. IF possibly, change out corbels for a less massive bracket under the bar. If all this is too drastic, think about painting just the door on the right (and not the trim around it). That could break up all the dark wood. Start small b/c this looks like one pricey kitchen.
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The stone is through out the house (see the smaller photo) and I don't think I can tear it out easily. I like all the woodwork ideas and yes, I am tired if all the iron work I so I will definitely replace the stools and take down the accessories.
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The stone is a classic and valuable finish. No designer would tell you to take it out. Be careful about who you listen to.
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I would not touch the stone. I agree with changing out the iron work, esp. the light fixture and its surrounding medallion. Also change out the cabinet knobs/handles and faucet. I would be hesitant to alter the actual cabinets. They are very pretty, classic and look very expensive. I would find other ways to update your kitchen as the cabinetry looks relatively new. How old is this kitchen, did you design it or did you purchase the home with it already there? I ask bc this looks more like a design dilemma after picture than a before picture.
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You could paint the cabinets yourself using Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and the accompanying waxes. Check into it. But it looks like you could afford to pay someone a few thousand to paint and glaze the cabinets. You could get a really great French Country look here.
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Remove all corbels. Get new upholstered white bar stools…no metal.

Paint the walls BM Gray Cashmere.

Paint all your trim BM Simply White.

What ever is on the ceiling, get rid of that and just have a plain Simply White flat finish ceiling.

A new chandy.

New cab hardware in a brushed stainless (like your cook-top).
Clarissa Glass Drop Rectangular Chandelier by Pottery Barn · More Info
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This was a spec home we bought 7 years ago. I have 2 more years before my husband will move again!
This old world/tuscan style is still very popular in Houston but it's much too heavy for me. The cabinets are custom. We are lucky to have a lot of cheap labor in this part of the world.

However...this is quickly becoming "if you give a mouse a cookie" for me and I can see that in my mind, I will need to do the the entire house if I change the kitchen...and then I will need new furniture and new accessories...

Keep the ideas coming!
I love the idea of getting rid of the corbel!
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And the ceiling thingy!
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I love your kitchen!!! I wouldn't touch a thing especially moving in 2 years! I live in Houston doing a new kitchen that I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours.
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Really? Is this a punked thing or what? Your kitchen is beautifu!
Fixtures I guess? what your problem is... "old world?".... yes maybe... Do you really need the corbels? or can you just take them out and put in more stone? Is there a budget? If not, the sky is the limit...
You may want to lighten the cabinets, tone them down a bit... but then what style? Colors do you really love?
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Nancy Walton
If you plan on moving in 2 years, I wouldn't change anything. Just live with it, and change the next one as soon as you move in, then you'll have 9 to 10 years of enjoying a kitchen you designed!
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Cindy Quinton
Coming from a real estate agent in OK, not that far away, you would seriously be better off to put money in a pile and burn it than to make most of the changes I see suggested here. This style is still popular and desirable. It would cost thousands to make REAL changes and most of those changes I've seen suggested would DECREASE the value of your home. If your home looks like I assume it does throughout, the changes will look ridiculous. Sell it now to someone else and buy what you want, You can even let it be known that some of the "old world" furniture and decor is negotiable.
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I would take the whole bar out and put something lighter.for the kitchen I would replace the darker things with the lighter things.
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Angelina Vick
Man...that is a gorgeous kitchen.

I wouldn't change a thing. Especially since you are leaving soon and you said that style is popular there.
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why not put the money aside, that you were prepared to spend in an account named ' for frivolous and exciting stuff' and then, when you do move, dip into this account for all those little luxuries that you love but are really over budget for your next home !
Creative people tend to get bored with their surroundings quicker than everyone else, this is what you are suffering from ( me too !)
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Becca Darling
Would it help to paint the wrought iron pieces and perhaps the corbels in the lightest color taken from the stone? In the photo, the iron hanging lamp looks too high and not hefty enough for the room. Might just be the photo angle. Good luck!
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Cindy Quinton,
I think this is probably the most rational advice anyone has given me, including designers and remodelers I have had come look at the house.
You know the look..stone,wood, iron, heavy furniture and lux fabrics....it's nice but its not me.
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One plan. YES! EXACTLY!
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Your home is gorgeous with the top of the line cabinets, corbels, wood and stone. I wouldn't mess with any of that for resale purposes. However, to make this space more enjoyable for you for the next several years...take out metal grid work from the ceiling and set aside in storage for the next homeowner. Faux paint top of tray ceiling using shiny metallic glazes. Add a crystal chandelier for a more feminine feel that would make that faux shimmer. Change your bar stools to a creamy fabric stool. Again, for a softer feel against the stone. Change up your accessories, adding creams where ever possible. The problem I see, is that the feel is too manly...you want to add the feminine touch to balance it out (without changing the man).
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I was going to say to get rid of the corbels also, but it looks like they may be set in and the stone cut around them. It may look like something is missing if they're removed.
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Wouldn't change a thing! It's a beautiful kitchen. If you have a vision of exactly the furnishings you want in your new home, barstools for example, buy those now, but don't change the permanent fixtures of the room. Keep the integrity of it which is gorgeous.
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@susielo - why not start offering opinions and advice, from you experience as a design enthusiast, here on the dilemmas ?! It will calm your inner designer !! And you will meet loads of lovely like minded people !! We are a friendly bunch !!!
Kind regards, Karen at OnePlan
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I know this is a REALLY dated thread, but I wanted to add an opinion for others who click on this conversation because they are wanting to change a similiar kitchen. I am a big DIY'er, and there are some doable fixes for this scenerio, with most if very "do it yourself" and affordable. First, take down the greenery above the cabinets and replace with vases all in light to medium shades of cream, and all keep them all around the same height. I would keep the wood cabinets, BUT I would ONLY paint the venthood woodwork, supports and posts over the stove AND the small center island with a cream color (Muslin by Sherwin Williams is great and looks amazing with a dark brown glaze) and glaze with antique walnut color. Very custom look, and gorgeous effect. Paint and glaze the gold bar counter supports the same color and glaze. The door between the cabinetry I would replace with a solid glass door, but obscure glass that you can't see through. This would defineately brighten the room and take away that heavy feel. Either replace your ironwork light fixture with 2 medium size clear class lantern shaped fixtures to create a less heavy feel, or keep your ironwork fixtures and but take them down and paint them a cream color (you can lightly glaze these afterwords - there are wonderful spray paints for metal on the market now. Either keep your barstools, paint metal on stools like your fixture in center of ceiling (cream) and update them by recovering seats in an ikat or moroccan tile print in a color you have been craving to add to your kitchen, or keep it neutral with a soft beige and tan tile fabric print. I would add some sort of medallion to the space over the oven on the newly painted cream woodwork - if you choose a specific color to recover your barstool seats, I wold paint the medallion the same color, bringing that color to both sides of the kitchen. These suggestions are very affordable and will make a huge impact for change :)

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