Would you live near a hospital?
April 26, 2013 in Other
We've found a dream home that, unfortunately, is right next to a hospital.
You can't see the hospital, but the parking lots are at the end of the street (hidden by large wall) and behind the homes across the street (once again, blocked from view). I know this brings the value of a home down, and the house has been greatly reduced, but it is such an amazing house. What would you do?
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Dirt Digger
The two things that would be factors in my decision would be noise and traffic. Is your street used to reach the hospital? If not, good thing. I would visit the home and hang out in the street during different times of the day and night to see what the noise level is. If the emergency room was within earshot, that might be a deal breaker for me anyway...screaming sirens, etc. it is a beautiful home, btw!!!!
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Robin W
I think it would depend on the house. The noise I think you could get used to but if you have kids or pets, if there will be lots of traffic it may not be ideal. Also, if you're really interested, investigate what type of patients are housed here. Is this a hospital with specialized psychiatric facilities? Dementia patients?
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Thanks for the comments and sorry about the double post -- I am new to this site, although I wish I would have found it earlier. It's amazing!
The hospital is for cancer patients, and the emergency room is at the opposite end of the hospital so I'm hoping the sirens will not be an issue. I'm mainly concerned, as I mentioned in the other post, about the security of my children. I have never lived anywhere near a hospital, but I do know that a lot of different people end of milling around the property. For example, this hospital is strictly smoke-free so smokers hangout on the sidewalk at the end of the hospital property. This, unfortunately, will be around the corner (or a short block) from our house. Although our house is mid-way down the street, it still concerns me. Am I being silly and too concerned about such things? Thanks again.
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I think you're totally right to be concerned. If the home isn't near the emergency entrance, and the road in front of your home isn't on the emergency vehicles path, it would probably be ok. I would definitely want the front yard securely fenced in for safety and/or privacy, though.
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Two things.
1.) Security. Definitely install some kind of security fencing around the entire property. My house is in a semi-rural area. When a large pharmacy chain opened a store halfway down the block, suddenly inebriated people began to traipse up and down the street, sometimes shouting loudly, begging for money for "the bus," or asking if they could pull weeds. A solid wall, six to eight feet high, with a solid wood door enclosing the front door area into a courtyard, with a security lock, made things much safer (no stranger ringing the doorbell at 5:15 am).

2.) The solid courtyard wall deadens some of the sound of sirens. (A new fire station is two doors down from the new pharmacy.)
An ambulance will generally turn the siren off when there is no traffic, and use it only when approaching intersections. I do not know how much traffic is on your street, so there may be a long siren from time to time.

When you know what to do beforehand, you can take care of possible obstacles and get on with enjoying living in the house.
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Depends if the hospital charges for parking because many people refuse to pay for parking and will find street parking, which is a pain because they will park in front of your house and walk to hospital.
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Does the hospital have a helipad? Those helicopters make an incredible amount of noise. When I was in the hospital having my daughter, my room overlooked the landing pad and they had a helicopter land there in the middle of the night. I wouldn't be interested in the house unless any landing zone was on the other side of the hospital building. Even so, you might want to inquire about whether such flights take place and how often...if it only happened a couple times a year, it wouldn't be a big deal but every few days would get old fast.

Is the hospital possibly considering moving or expanding their premises? In our city, one of the hospitals bought many houses in the neighborhood over the years, expanding facilities and parking lots, before finally decamping to the outskirts of town. Now that neighborhood has a big empty lot where the main building was torn down but nothing has been done yet except to plant grass. There are still a couple of doctor's office buildings there, but those may not stay either in a few years time. So, the neighbors are left wondering what will become of the land...perhaps a new housing development but not likely given the current economic climate in our area with tons of foreclosures and housing values only half what they were 6 or 7 years ago.
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Oh, Linda! that's a good point about the helipad!
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