Decorations that tie two rooms together.
April 27, 2013
I went out with a decorator to purchase some deco for living room and dining. Love all the things we bought for living room. My color scheme is tan/beige teal & lime green.

All the furniture is neutral beige and cherry wood in the living room and dining room has wood, glass and brass color. Al the rooms living room, dining room and kitchen you can see from all rooms. They kinda flow into each other.

You have helped me so much in the pass and I have all the room pictures on this site. All the things we bought for the two rooms were in the color scheme, except two items in the dining room.

The two pieces on the server have a little red in them and since the dining room had beige, gold and lime green, I thought the red didn't mix. The reason she said she thought they worked was because of the colors in the kitchen. She thought it would tie the kitchen and dining room together in a sutle way.

Now the kitchen has not been redecorated, but I will be keeping the pictures over the fireplace. The drap and lamp over the table will be removed and something new to replace.

So what about the pieces on the server???? and do I put anything between them or anything else on the server?
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if the piece on the server is the second image that you are showing, I don't care for it. and it doesn't seem to relate in any way whatsoever to the style of the kitchen, or to the lime and teal that you mentioned.

HomeGoods is filled to the brim this time of year with things in your teal/lime green colorway. you could definately find a few things there to pull the rooms together.
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That is what I thought. We did get almost everything at Home Goods. My first thought for this server was no one side a fancy crystal beverage dispenser and on the other side a tray with a bottle of wine & two glasses. My husband thinks the beverage dispenser looks old fashion and doesn't like the idea. Any suggestion for what could go on it?
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Here are some pictures of the living room and how all three rooms connect, also the color scheme.
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Your color scheme is very subtle. I think something simple like a mirror and a pretty green bowl or vase would be enough on the buffet. It would be good to bring some color over onto your table as well though (I just bought a lime green orchid at Trader Joes the other day that would look great on your table or buffet). [houzz=Pierrpont]

Or even just a strong picture, with nothing on the buffet. [houzz=Bergen Street Residence]
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I did see these cube type glass candle holder in different sizes that I was thinking of place across the table in different sizes. They sit low. I saw them at Crate & Barrel
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You have too many styles mixed together. Your tiffany lamp has red, the pictures over the mantel have red (or so it appears on my screen). The deco item looks like a quality piece but it doesn't belong in a room with ruffled valances. I'm sorry but I don't care for the pictures over the mantel. Your fireplace is beautiful and unique but the pictures don't do it justice. A few antique picture frames placed on the mantel along with the lantern and pitcher would be far more interesting. The the decanter and wine glasses on the server need to be placed on a tray, perhaps silver or brass, then you need to add a tall buffet lamp and a print. Ideas....
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The kitchen will be the next room that will be decorated. The lamp is going and new granite counter with glass tile splash will be installed. The living & dining rooms I have been working on now. Those two rooms are contemporary/traditional.
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Here I go again, the lamps in the room with the linen sofa are very nice but huge for the tables they're placed on and also huge for the whole room & not good in front of the window. In the same room, pull the chairs by the fireplace out so that they're slightly in front of the hearth and even with each other. Right now , they're back in the corners of the room and too far from the sofa. Put the round tables next to the couch one on each side. The lamps might balance with the weight of the sofa. Try it and see.

Think about a centerpiece for your glass dining table. You probably already have any number of things you could use. Look around your house and see what you can find.
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I'm not into traditional dining table centerpieces. The living room is small and the layout was from one of the decorators here on Houzz. She helped me and I followed her ideas. The lamps were bought in Florida on a trip and sent home. I thought they would be ok as I saw them on display on the same size tables. Can't do anything about them now.
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You have a lovely home, with such a nice color palette. However I have to agree with leelee, the living room is too disjointed I would put the round tables on either side of the sofa and the chairs at right angles with the sofa to make a more pleasant conversation area and help balance out the size of those lamps which are very nice and go well with the sofa.
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There isn't enough room to do that. The room is small and as it is I thought it was a conversation area. I would have no way to plug in the lamps if the end tables were on both sides of the couch.
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ok, now I see the door that I missed in previous photos! I see your dilemma. Chairs still need to be pulled into the grouping. Unfortunately the lamps look even more out of proportion from this angle. Can you use them in another room and use smaller scale lamps in this room? Another thought, put the chairs on either side of the fireplace and place a table and lamp beside each chair. (opposite sides)
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Ok I can try that. I have no other place for the lamp unfortunately. Already decorated the master bedroom.
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Since you want to keep the lamps try them on the wall with the starburst mirror. You'll need a bigger more sturdy looking console table or buffet. The lamps might work better in that location. The other choice would be to use a table under the new picture you just hung and put the lamps one on each side. They might still be too big but you could at least place them there to see. Move the lamps to the server just to see if that configuration would work. I'm afraid they'll be too big there but it's worth a look.

The chairs by the FP do need to move forward and the round tables should be on the outside of each chair if they won't fit nest to the sofa.
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