Suggestions for rehabbing old door hardware
April 27, 2013
We're renovating an 1894 shingle style home. We want to re-use the great old solid wood doors but the hardware, meaning knobs etc are not all in great shape. Buying new hardware is probably out of the question as it would double our budget. Any suggestions from those with this experience would be greatly appreciated!
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check out the web for info on using an old crockpot to boil the hardware to get off old paint and gunk. I've not done that but have always wanted to try it

If you decide to get adventurous and take out any old locks, take a digital picture each time you remove a piece. It sounds silly now, but if you don't end up putting it back together immediately, you may be surprised how happy you are to have those pictures. Those things always come apart very logically and you don't think you would have any trouble putting them back together but it isn't always that easy!

I always think I'm taking a zillion pictures too many, but you would be surprised at how often you find that you would like a closeup shot of some detail that you just didn't remember to photograph at the time
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Great advice Linda. Thanks very much!
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Ironwood Builders
Any latch sets that come up short parts or just don't want to work any more can be replaced by salvage pieces that do! Just make sure to bring your old latch set with you to match the face plate size...really stinks when it is too small!
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