What kind of window treatments should I put here?
April 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am looking for window treatments suggestions for my large sliding glass door and window above my sink both in my kitchen. The cabinets are cherry and the granite has cream, black, and brown in it (there are pictures of both). I'm not looking to create privacy.
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What a beautiful view .. do you really want/need to cover it up? I have a large window in my kitchen, with flowering trees outside .. I don't want to cover it up. The kitchen isn't a room where you need privacy, like a bedroom, so the only reason I'd cover the windows would be to block sun glare.
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I would start with colors that you like... Simple panels would work... I know the feeling of not really wanting to cover up a view when you don't have to... But I also know if you want to warm up a room with something, curtains are the way to go... Simple panels to just frame the beautiful view...
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karen paul interiors
If privacy is not a concern I am loathe to cover up a beautiful view. The exception is if you want to cover the black glass in the evening. Any type of shade that has minimal stack would be perfect. Really depends on having continuity with the other areas of your home.
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I do not want to cover the view, but I feel that fabric would warm up the room. My other concern would be the color of the window treatment , and /or pattern. Thanks for your help! I am driving my hubby crazy cause I can not make a decision.
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I totally understand the need to soften the hard edges and add a design element to frame your view. One problem exists, and that is the close proximity of the window to the door. A panel would block one or the other. What I would suggest is to do a fabric wrapped cornice board that goes 1foot beyond the door, wrap around to the window going 1 foot beyond the window. This gives space for the 2 panels which add the softness, frames both window and door and doesn't obstruct either view.
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Another valance idea in a nice fabric.
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karen paul interiors
Your idea book is filled with imaginative photos. Something special in each one. Most windows you like are essentially very simple and white. Perhaps I'm not remembering correctly as I took a peek yesterday, There are many types of attractive treatments that would be considered valance, balloon shade, cornice, etc. All of these can be used effectively to add softness to your windows. Which one is best for you is dependent on what you have else where and what type of a "look" you would like to have. Under all of these, I would still do the shades I recommended with the minimal stack, so they can be pulled out of the way during the day. I believe once you choose the type of treatment, then would be a good time to choose your fabric(s). Each type of treatment will want a different type of fabric and/or pattern size. JW is correct about not wanting drapery panels, simply from a logistical standpoint.
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