Can't find the right drapery fabrics, help!
April 28, 2013
I have a living room that is 15 ft wide, 17 ft long. It has a 10 ft long x 5 ft high window on the 17 ft long wall which has an 8 ft ceiling. I want floor to ceiling drapes and have already purchased the curtain track to hold them. However, my first choice in drapery fabric (an embroidered creamy faux silk with a vine-like pattern in cinnamon and shimmery olive green) is discontinued. So now, I have upholstry to match a non-existent drape! I'm looking for something either tone-on-tone texture or with a LARGE repeat -- I can't take 17 x 8 ft of floral on a 15 inch repeat (see 'test corner photo below).

The wall color. lighting and carpet are going to change; the design concept was neutral furniture with showcased art all around the room and accent pillows. The couch (which is "oatmeal") and recliner are on the wall opposite the drapes.

I'm can make the drapes if I can find a fabric; or buy 95 inch panels. I just want a subtle bit of interest on that wall -- not the blah that the old drapes were.
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Try going to Calico Corners with your pillows and cushions. There are many online sources, but sometimes picking out a fabric in person is the best way, especially when you are matching color schemes.
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Is this similar to what you had chosen?
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Dear joannpb -- no, that's not the fabric I had chosen, but I was browsing last night and that caugth my eye, so it might be worth ordering a yard for try out. I did notice that the horizontal repeat on that is 23 inches

As to Apple_pie_order's suggetion: Thank you, but I have been to Calico Corners and every other fabric store I could find locally; I have about 6 internet-picks that didn't work out either. Maybe the spring fashion season will usher in some new stuff and make a 2nd trip worthwhile.

Otherwise, I think I might just go with a 'blah' background fabric and use dual-sided fusible iron on an embroidered motif from something that's too intense...that way I can control the spacing to something I could live with.
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JMittman Designs
Some inspiration.
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Joan McLemore
Denver Fabrics has some great prices. I've ordered from them and had terrific service and I love the fabrics that I've ordered. High quality and excellent costs.
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This is more what I had in mind; best I've run across so far. I can't deal with too much pattern on a wall that will be 8 ft tall and 17 ft wide all in drapery fabric; tone-on-tone seems to have movement and life, but doesn't scream at me
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Dear Judyg and JMittman Designs; thanks for the suggestions, but not with the Navajo sand painting that I do intend to keep over the table -- wrong colors to too much pattenr.
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I think either of these would look amazing in that room:
If you were looking for something more subtle, how about something like a plain beige dupioni silk. Just make sure they go to the floor!
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Nancy Walton
I found some on Joann Fabrics that might go well
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Nancy Walton
Some more...
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Nancy Walton
They were all under home decor fabrics/beige on the Joann site
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Thanks for the suggestions. I had some friends over to peruse, and it was unanimouse -- the fabric is tone-on-tone, and has some texture, a bit calmer in person than in these photos; a 34 inch repeat, too. Now to figure yardage, order, and start sewing!
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Nancy Walton
Very Good, post an after photo, please?
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