chimney in the livingroom area
Tammy Vincer
April 30, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We built an addition 25 yrs ago and now that the we are empty nesters I have this ugly space around the chimney area which was a bookshelf one side and computer area the other...I like the bookshelf idea facing the livingroom area need some ideas............the panelling section is where the chimney is.....I thought about crown moulding and ? drywall around the chimney ....doors on the bottom 1/3 with shelves for grandchildrens toys, games etc. IDEAS PLEASE
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CDR Design
Hi...lot's of possibilities. I agree that the current set-up does not look good. I am a little confused, though.

Questions: what is under the paneling? Brick? Stone? Would you consider re-exposing that area or is it ugly? Are you talking about using the fireplace opening as storage for toys?
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Drywall it and make the entire opening a closet with doors so it is out of site.
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Tammy Vincer
Uner the panelling is the chimney on the otherside of this bookshelf is a built in computer concern is this side facing out into the livingroom .. if I could love all the furniture out of the way for a better pic I would but it is a queensize sofa bed and i plan on reupholstering it or slipcover...this is on the second level of my house and in order to get it up here they had to bring it through the window ......(problem is width) There is actual two of them in this room the open area is 24 x by 22 . I would like to create a nook of some sort I have one grandson right now who loves his building blocks, books, and trucks. He loves big pillows to lay down on and this November we will have a new addition. M grandson will have a sibling. I would like to make this a special area for them. He is very ODS organizing things...everything has a place and home therefore this area would be well suited....
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Tammy Vincer
By the way the cdrdesign this area is ugly.......................
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Tammy Vincer
There is no fireplace it is a chimney that comes straight up through the second floor disguise in panellling
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So Tammy, the chimney is made out of ??? If it is brick you could expose it and work with that. If it is a metal pipe chimney then pull the paneling and drywall it. What are the chances of opening the nook up to the room on the other side? Could leave the bottom closed off so your grandson could not get through.
What kind of budget are you working with? Are you handy with DIY interior projects.
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CDR Design
Tammy. Thank you. IMO, the area in not currently appealing. I would take down the panelling and the bookcases and drywall around the chimney

Question: do I understand it correctly that this is your living room and you would like to dedicate that area for your grandchildren's toys and as a play area?

Can we see pictures of the rest of the room? I do not like to make recommendations singularly. In other words, I would like to consider what else you have going on in the room.

Having said that, if I have only this photo to go by, after drywalling, I would install a bench seat in that nook where they can read and/or play hand-held video games/ storage underneath for some of the toys. Above the seat area, you could install additional shelves for other toys and/or bookshelves.
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Tammy Vincer
Here are a few more pic's ...window faces south and is 120 wide...couch is on the east wall ...and as you can see I have two of the same couches....the bookcases and plant picture is the west wall
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CDR Design
This is a huge room and needs to be divided into several groupings to make it functional.

-put the tv on the east wall, where the large bookcase is now.
-place one of the couches facing it. The couch will be in the center of the window and perpendicular to the window. Place a coffee table in front of it.
-move the large bookcase to the east wall. This will be a reading area for kids and adults.
-place the second couch with its back to the first couch (but space to walk in between)

You really need several other matching chairs to fill the room.

Drywall the chimney area and install a built-in as I described above.
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I would dry wall that area and create the bookcase area as your media center. Your turntable, etc. BTW...the tv stand would be better as a coffee table and the chest currently as the coffee table as the tv stand. :)
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