kitchen under cabinet lighting
April 30, 2013 in Design Dilemma
need help finding LED lighting for under cabinets. home center stores sell expensive hard strips in varying lengths. fairly expensive. ikea and costco sell "strips" at a better price point. i don't know how much light these strips emit. on top of this on line cos. sell continuous strips that can be cut to any size. i'm worried after installation it will be bright enough. would like dim able as well. any thoughts are welcome and product recommendations. thanks,
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IKEA sell a plug in version that I believe changes colour but is not dimmable. However, I recommend you buy one, plug it in and see for yourself - this is seriously the dark arts when you buy LEDs, you really only know what you're getting when you get it. if you don't like it you can return it.

The continuous strips that you cut are usually the most expensive and the better the quality the higher the price. You need to consider placing a transformer (quite bulky) somewhere for the LEDs and then if it is dimmable - it either needs to be wired to the switch or you use a remote.
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ASV, very interesting you mention that buying LEDs is the dark arts -- apparently, even after 100 years, automobile design and manufacturing is also still the dark arts! :) But it also means there's so much more to learn. Thanks. :)
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Hi Ed the background to this is that at least in Europe about 5 years ago the EU government suddenly outlawed incandescent lightbulbs, but the lighting industry hadn't really got to grips with emerging LED technology. So for a few years everyone has been scrambling to invest in different forms of energy efficient lighting. It was a real pain because many designer lights relied on the beauty of the edison bulb - which originally had to be replaced by those ugly CFL curly lights that take minutes to warm up. Plus new technology was expensive as it was, new. Now mainstream manufacturing seems to have gotten its act together but it is still a learning process. What one manufacturer does to create light is a different to another and we (designers and home users) don't have enough history with these products to give good advice.

Having said all the above, I have become a convert to Philips HUE product which is about the best thing since, well, the light bulb!
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Hi ASV, yes, I bought 3 Philips LED bulbs toward the end of 2012. They have been the main source of lighting in the living room of our temporary rental apartment, for the duration of the remodel of the real home. :) I cannot stand incandescent bulbs, I also don't like CFL curlies. I like LED a lot. :) Thanks.
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under-cabinet lighting is mainly for accents rather than task lighting.

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Dy, I find a lot of under-cabinet lighting is exactly where the tasks take place... so I hardly consider it accent lighting... In fact, unless you are on an island, ceiling lighting will be behind you without cabinet lighting to help you not slice off your finger (or mine!)
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